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Welcome to the Asylum ll: You All Suck

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Welcome to the Asylum ll: You All Suck

Post by HellishxHades on Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:26 am

As Fusion returns from commercial break, Crowe and Caleb theme hits the P.A. System.

The former Fusion Tag Team Champions March out of the back, head full of steam. They roll into the ring. Both look around pissed at the world. The crowd how ever was clapping for them. The fight the put up against Hayden and Ziegler was commendable, and they earn a little bit of respect from the CMV Universe.

Stop that crap. Stop the music, stop your clapping. You ain't our fans, you don't actually support us. Last week you hated us for beating Dance Party, and what now that we do what we do best, put on great matches, you gonna jump on the band wagon. Well, get off. We don't need you hypocrites.

The respect that The Anarchists earn last week turn to a chorus of Boos.

Caleb Reed:
Yeah, go ahead and boo. We don't care. I hope you like having two singles guy as your TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, because none of those teams in the back will stop them.

Caleb starts to get sarcastic in his responses.

The ATL?

Caleb Reed:
Who? The two that was suppose to be our next opponent for OUR TITLES, yeah, the don't have a chance.

Bad Men Inc?

Caleb Reed:
Are they still a thing?

Baller's Club?

Caleb Reed:
Are those the WGW guys? Yeah they don't have a chance.

Blood n Stone?

Caleb Reed:
The ones who can't get a win anymore? Yeah they stand a chance.

Dance Party?

Caleb Reed:
The bastards we beat for the titles? No. They don't even deserve to be in CMV, let alone wrestling.

Hail and Kelly?

Caleb Reed:
What? Don't you two have a tag team name. Sure, your the best around, NOT.

The Pros?

Caleb Reed:
Who? No really Who? I never heard of them?

Bannon And Billy?

Caleb Reed:
Of course, the other single competitors that are force to team together. If they don't stand a chance individual against either of them, what makes you think they do together.

Well, looks like CMV has done it. It made the tag division a joke. And what makes it worst is that you people are falling for it. What are you dumb? I guess we are dumb for trying to save this division.

Crowe and Caleb drop their mics, and start to walk to the ropes.

(Open to Matthew)


Crowe - Anarchy Championship Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Anarchists)
Tyler Endicot - Rising Star Championship
Joe Dirte - NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom) CMV Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom)
Maximum Rider - NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom) CMV Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom)
George King - NGW Championship - Final NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom) European Championship Final Television Championship / First Internet Championship CMV Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom)
Tyson Cage - Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Bickering Duo) / Anarchy Championship
Angelina Hawkins - Women's Intercontinental Championship 2x
Caleb Reed: Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Anarchists)
Jon Reed: Anarchy Championship

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Re: Welcome to the Asylum ll: You All Suck

Post by PREDICTION KING on Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:49 pm

The fans pop just for any kind of interruption at this point. And it happens to be the theme music of everybody's favorite hillbilly, Billy Weaver! He comes out on stage, crushing an empty beer can and dropping it on the ground beside him. He stops at the top of the ramp before turning around and walking back over to the curtain. He then begins to yell to the backstage area.

Billy Weaver
Come on!

I don't like that song!

Billy Weaver
Who cares bitch!

Fuck you!

Bannon finally walks out onto stage with Billy, with a look of pure disgust at the tune playing from the PA System. But that look of disgust is quickly focused on the two in the ring. Billy and Bannon keep their gaze on the former tag champions as they head on down the ramp. They waste no time in going to opposite sides of the ring. Because Bannon prefers the right side and Billy likes the left because he claims there's hotter women on the left side of the arena. They then both step through the ropes before standing across the ring with The Anarchists. Billy pulls a microphone from his jean pocket.

Billy Weaver
Well well well......

Jon Reed and Crowe look prepared, knowing Billy's history with brawling. And with his recent history with Bannon, it's safe to expect a fight from him as well.

Billy Weaver
We heard what yall said.

They shake their heads, owning up to the trash talk.

Billy Weaver
Yall said..........uh........

He turns to Bannon.

Billy Weaver
Wait what did they say?

I thought you said you listened!

Billy Weaver
I thought I heard my name!

Crowe and Reed both raise a brow, watching the two bicker.

Billy Weaver
Well, it's safe to assume that yall were talkin shit.

And with that, Billy drops the mic and pounces on Caleb. Bannon quickly attacks Crowe and an all out brawl breaks out in the ring. Both teams going at it. Billy and Caleb trade blows until the force from Billy's punches become too much, sending him towards the ropes. Billy backs up and then rushes him, clotheslining him over the ropes, sending both men onto the outside. All while Bannon tackles Crowe into the corner and unloads a fury of right hands to his head. However, he manages to drive a knee to his gut, causing him to stumble backwards a bit. He then charges him with a clothesline attempt, only to get lifted and slammed with a vicious spinebuster. Meanwhile on the outside, Billy strips the announces table before turning around to grab Reed. However Reed grabs one of the monitors and cracks it over Billy's head before returning to the ring to aid his partner. Bannon now has him to his feet, about to lift him up for the Healing Touch but Reed punches him in the back of the head. Both men stomp on Bannon at this point. However, Reed sees Billy back up on the apron he begins to walk towards him, but Billy jumps off the top rope, hitting the Hillbilly Forearm! This sends Reed crashing to the mat and rolling across the ring where Crowe has now fled to the outside, and pulls his partner out of the ring to safety. Billy and Bannon stand tall, watching the Anarchists stumble up the ramp, looking on in horror at their makers.


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