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I Need your help

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I Need your help

Post by Miztacular on Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:22 am

Midway through the go home show of Ferocity, former CMV Women's Undisputed Champion Megan Cooper can be seen wandering through the hallways backstage seemingly on the lookout for something or someone. Cooper turns the corner, bumping into a member of the ring crew who steps backwards startled.

Ring Crew Guy:
Sorry Miss

Megan Cooper:
Don't worry about it

Cooper lets off a smile as she walks past, only to stop in her tracks realising the member of the ring crew might be able to help.

Megan Cooper:
Hey! Wait!

The guy turns around with his eyebrow raised as Cooper walks back over to him looking to ask him a question.

Megan Cooper:
You don't happen to know where Kristen Page is do you?

The guys eyes widen in fear, he begins to shake. He begins to inhale deeply before answering Coopers question.

Ring Crew Guy:
W... Why do you need Kristen, ARE YOU INSANE?! Don't you guys like, hate eachother?! Oh she's NOT in a good mood right now, I don't think it would be best that you add insult to inj--

Megan Cooper:
Who says I'm going to rub it in?

The Ring Crew Guy looks to open his mouth in retaliation, but Cooper closes in, her commanding presence causes him to back up against the wall in fear.

Ring Crew Guy:

Megan Cooper:
Thank you. Now was that so hard.

As Megan walks off down the hall to which the ring crew guy was pointing, he calls out once more.

Ring Crew Guy:
Don't say I didn't warn you!

Cooper shakes her head momentarily as she continues down the corridor. Making her way towards what looks to be a door near enough torn off of its hinges. She pushes the door ever so slightly, it opens with a loud creak, revealing the current money in the bank holder, Kristen Page sitting in the center of the floor, the briefcase in her hands, looking at the wall. The room around her practically turned upside down, tables, chairs everywhere. Megan Cooper slowly edges her way towards her bitter rival.

Megan Cooper:

She says softly, to no avail. She edges ever closer to Miss Money in the Bank who seems to be locked in a trance, gazing at the wall, fuming over her loss to Willow in silence.

Megan Cooper:
I saw what they did to you Kristen, they screwed you.

Kristen Page remains focused upon the wall, locked in a trance, rocking back and forth on the spot with the briefcase held tightly within her grasp.

Megan Cooper:
Look, Kristen, I know you can hear me. I hate this as much as you do, but what they're doing to you, it won't stop. It'll never stop until you lose that briefcase or Quinn loses that belt. You have to understand that.

Kristen remains seemingly completely unaware of Coopers presence in the room.

Megan Cooper:

Cooper continues upon her approach, standing right in front of Kristen now, she lowers herself, sitting down directly in front of Kristen Page, who simply gazes right through her, as if she wasn't there.

Megan Cooper:
Quinn gave me a proposition at the top of the month Kristen, that I could get a Title Match with her if I was able to find a partner and beat her in tag action.As long as Quinn has that belt and you have that briefcase, they're never going to leave you alone. I think you understand where I'm going with this.

Cooper stares right at Kristen, and upon once again receiving no sign of acknowledgement, she rolls her eyes and sighs, continuing on.

Megan Cooper:
What I'm saying is... I... I need your help, Kristen. You need mine. I know the history we have is long, and I don't expect you to ever let our past go. I know you hate me, hell I'm not exactly fond of you either. But in this case, we can benefit each other. We can work together, and remove Quillow from the top of this division. Please Kristen.

Cooper grabs Kristen by the shoulders and shakes her violently.

Megan Cooper:
LISTEN TO ME!.... Please.

Cooper gets back to her feet, looking down at Kristen she sighs. Evidently frustrated, feeling her opportunity at getting back to the top slip away she makes her way across the room, standing in the hallway she turns around once more to talk to Kristen.

Megan Cooper:
Of all the things you are... I never expected you to be so afraid. I guess I was wrong.

Cooper turns around hanging her head low as she exits the room, leaving Kristen Page alone once more. As the door creaks shut, Kristen turns her head to where Cooper was standing moments ago, raising an eyebrow as if she'd heard the entire conversation, processing it through her head as the camera begins to fade to black.

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