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Arabian Spring

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Arabian Spring

Post by Rage on Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:02 am

Aya was hurting but her seething anger pulled her back to her feet. She had tapped out and yet her partner made no effort to help break the hold. This was her big chance to make an impact in the tag team division but all that was gone now. Aya blamed Sabra Abardi for her loss and soon pursued her up the ramp, swearing at the larger women in Arabic. Abardi didn't seem to care much about Aya's angst and probably thought she wouldn't do much other than scream at her. Sabra Abardi was wrong if she thought this as Aya pulled off one of her gloves and smacked Abardi accoss the face with it and tossed the glove off into the crowd. Now that was a clear challenge and fans seemed excited that another fight was about to go down. What happened next was up to Sabra Abardi as Aya waited, arms crossed and looking very defiant.

(Open to Jay Davis. Sorry, Miz put me up to it.)

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