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The Growth Of Boone?

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The Growth Of Boone?

Post by Master Ogon on Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:46 pm

For the last couple of weeks, the CMV audience has experienced a lot of returns. But one that most people didn't pay that much attention to was the return of the former US champion, Samuel Boone. However, can you blame the audience for not caring? Boone is just some young kid that didn't even take his first run in CMV serious. He became a living joke after his "Boone Juice" promo, which was horrible in many different ways. He can't even prove to the audience that he should have returned, he hasn't won a single match since his return. He's booked to face Jon Reed tonight, but not a single soul expects him to win tonight. The meme of Boone Juice like all memes will become stale, and besides Boone Juice, why would anyone want to remember Boone's name? Boone has been silent about these failures and just continued to smile, but a smile can't make you win matches. Which is why at the start of CMV Genesis #109, Boone will address the failures he has experienced.

His funky and catchy theme starts to play, and the crowd has mostly no reaction, hell even some are booing the face!

Something is different with Boone though, he isn't playing air guitar, and he isn't smiling. He isn't wearing the silly jacket he usually wears in his entrance, only his ring attire. He even seems to acknowledge the mostly silent crowd by nodding, as if he agrees with the fact he isn't worth their time. He stands in the ring and looks across the entire arena, these are the people he thinks he has failed. He moves the mic he was holding since walking out to his mouth and begins to speak in a serious tone.

Samuel Boone:
W-Well uhh, I never talked to all of you like this. Hell, I'll be honest and say I'm embarrassed to be telling you all of this. But well umm, I'll try to force it out of myself. I would like to apologize to the entire CMV universe, from the bottom of my heart. I'm sorry because when I first arrived in CMV, I didn't take it seriously. In my second month, I won the US title, and I didn't even think about how big that was for my career. I didn't even respect the art of wrestling and just did it because I wanted money. Eventually, I lost that US title and soon after I was injured. But I'll be honest, being injured was one of the best things that could have happened to me. It gave me time to think about what I was missing out on, and it gave me time to realize that I loved being a wrestler! So I tried my best to recover and to return to CMV because I wanted to follow the passion I never knew I had into I lost it.

The crowd is starting to cheer Boone, but still, most just don't care.

Samuel Boone:
So eventually I was able to return to CMV, and I came here to Genesis. I haven't won a single match on Genesis yet, but I'm trying. The funny thing is, is that I don't care about losing as long as I can stand back up and wrestle again, It doesn't matter how many times that I might lose if I learn from it. I learned from my childish and disrespectful behavior in the last season, and if I have to lose 1000 more times to redeem myself then I'll do exactly that! But here's a warning, I don't care about how long it takes, one day I'll become even a bigger star than I was in the last season! That kid from the last season is growing to become a man, and that man is going to work his way to the top of CMV!

This speech causes a loud pop from the crowd, so loud actually that Boone stops talking and just looks around the arena. He did plan to talk about more, but the entire CMV audience understands the new arc in Boone's story, him maturing and following his passion. Boone's smile returns once more as he shared this with the fans and they seem to be supporting him, which just leaves the hard part, actually winning a match. He leaves the ring and heads back to the backstage, this message sticking to the CMV fans.
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