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"Star" of the B Show

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"Star" of the B Show

Post by Red Chocolate on Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:28 pm

General manager Cass LaFave is looking prim and proper as she sits behind her desk, papers choatically organized into stacks. She digs through her desk and pulls out a thicker parchment with the words GENESIS CONTRACT right there in bold smack dab on the top of the page.

The camera zooms out to show that Brett Angel and "1 Shot" Leona are sitting cozy on the other side. Leona has her hands in her lap, while Angel lazily reclines in his seat. Upon sight of the artist formerly known as the outcast, those in attendance can be heard continuing the mixed reaction Angel was subjected to when he made some controversial statements on UnMatched.

As if he could hear the crowd from all the way back here, Angel coughs in response. Or maybe he cant hear the crowd and was just trying to clear his throat.

LAFAVE I'd like to thank you for joining me here today, all things considered.

ANGEL: Is that so?

LAFAVE Um, yes, I can understand your previous run-ins with authority that you're expecting things to go a certain way. But I can assure you that I don't have the ex-wrestler baggage that a Dave Turner or Eric Matthews might have, nor do I have a Schmidty corrupting my thoughts and actions.

ANGEL: Is that so?

LAFAVE .........I also understand that its best for the both of us...

Now it's Leona who coughs. Is there something going around CMV?

LAFAVE Excuse me, for all parties involved, if things were to play out smoothly. I'm willing to work with you because, while the name Brett Angel rings out in infamy all throughout CMV, you have the star power to make Genesis a stand out show.

ANGEL: Is that s--

A sharp elbow to the ribcage courtesy of Leona puts a stop to Angel's nonsense. He clears his throat--seriously, is there a flu bug or something--and leans forward in his chair, tracing his fingers along the paper the contract is on as though he were trying to read braille.

ANGEL: I suppose you would need some "star power" now more than ever when it looks like with each passing day that Timothy isn't coming back.

Cassondra's back stiffens and her jaw clenches, but that's the only physical reaction that she gives to Angel's remarks.

ANGEL: Is was a bit controversial last time I said it, so would it be safe to say that Tim is dead for good this time? I wonder how ol' Frank is feeling that he wasn't the one with blood on his hands this time around.

Leona stomps on Angel's foot, and with heels on, the impact sends a sharp pain reverbrating up Angel's leg causing him to pop up out of his seat and walk, with a slight limp now, to the other side of the room, putting as much distance between himself and Leona as possible. The former Vixen gives Cassondra a knowing look and the GM mouths a "thank you" in response.

LAFAVE We're not here to talk about Tim. I asked you to meet with me because, as I said, I heard what you had to say on UnMatched, and I think you're just going about things the wrong way. You're healthy now....

ANGEL: I'm not too sure about that.

He says that as he flexes his toes inside his shoes, making sure they're all still in tact.

LAFAVE Relative to the shape your arm was in, I mean. These people want to see you wrestle. You might consider yourself an outcast, but Genesis is willing to open its doors for you and make it your home. Just think about how great it would be to see Brett Angel take on Elijah Stewart.


LAFAVE Or even Brett Angel getting a chance at redemption against Randy Borton!


LAFAVE Heck I know a big time match when it falls into my lap, and I bet im not the only one who would snatch up a ticket to watch Brett Angel get his hands on Dave Turner.

ANGEL: Cares!

Leona removes one of her heels, but a stern look is the only thing she throws in Angel's direction, though its enough to set him straight for the time being.

ANGEL: That's all well and good Miss LaFave, but I don't really care who is told to stand across of the ring from me. I appreciate you getting straight to the point...

He motions toward the contract.

ANGEL: But I didn't come here with the intention to sign. You asked to talk, I had some time to kill, being a free agent and all, and we had a nice little chat.

LAFAVE Because to me it feels like we didn't get anything accomplished.

ANGEL: Is that so?

LAFAVE What more did you want, Brett? I came to you when so many are ready to write you off because of the things you've done, and this attitude you're developing isn't doing much to change matters. You want to bring Tim into this? Fine; I've raised boys, making me well-equipped to see through your antics.

You're calling yourself an outcast and a free agent, when all you've done is isolate and ostracize yourself. There isn't a show on this planet that wouldn't want sign you, but you want us all to beg. Funny thing is, it's not because you have some unbearably big ego. It's the opposite in fact.

ANGEL: That's fascinating, Teddy.

Cassondra clenches her jaw as Angel continues with his dismissive attitude.

LAFAVE I bet it is, Brett. But I'm not going to play your game. When you're ready to take this all seriously, then the door is open, and I'll be waiting. This is probably the only bridge around that you haven't burned, and you're trying your damndest to get that match lit.

A tense moment passes between them and seconds passes without anyone saying anything. It becomes so quiet that you'd actually be able to hear Travis King's one fan chant his name.

LAFAVE Is there nothing you want to say in response to that?

ANGEL: No, I just thought we were at the part where you defiantly walk off after making your grand point.

LAFAVE This is my office.

ANGEL: Is th--


He slithers out of the door and into the hallway before Leona could launch the shoe at him. She rises to her feet and gives Cassondra another sympathetic look.

LAFAVE How do you put up with that?

LEONA: I'm the last thing he has left to lose.

Leona and Cassondra shake hands and the screen fades to black.

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