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Post by Miztacular on Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:07 pm

As the camera feed goes live for episode sixty seven of UnMatched we are met by the welcome site of Ricky Spanish stood in the ring looking to kick of the show speaking his mind. He stands in the center of the ring rocking a majestic looking velvet black robe, holding a microphone in his right hand and his newly debuted "official" bible in the other. The camera pans across the arena as the pyro erupts officially starting this go home edition of UnMatched, Ricky Spanish stares around the arena shaking his head in disgust as he waits for the pyro to finish so he can have his time to talk.

Ricky Spanish:
Do you know what happened last week! An absolute TRAVESTY! A showing of complete and utter disrespect as I stood in this very ring, preaching gods... MY words only to be hit by Omega Lee's finishing move!

Spanish is unable to continue due to the overwhelming response from the crowd, mocking him as they chant Omega Lee's name.

Ricky Spanish:
Oh do not fear! For Omega Lee shall get his! Everybody will get theirs.

Ricky Spanish looks into the camera with malicious intent as he raises his hand into the air, holding it up for the hard camera to see all of the glistening gold rings wrapped across his fingers.

Ricky Spanish:
In the words of our lord himself, and by our lord. I mean me. Thou shall kiss the rings of Spanish. For if thou does not. THEY SHALL BE SMACKED SIX WAYS TO SUNDAY! This is a message to everybody in the back. From your Sunshines, to your Omega Lees, to your George Kings, to your Don Bishops and even as low as people on the Undercard. If any of you. EVER! Disrespect me! While I'M preaching my knowledge, spreading the word of Spanish. I will find you, it might not be today, it might not be tomorrow. But I will track you down and bring down upon you the wrath of the rings! Oh and it ain't over yet baby! You see after I've smacked you into dream street. I'm gonna head to the airport. I'm gonna hop on the next flight and I'm gonna fly to whatever run down town you may come from and just like everybody else who's ever come into contact with Ricky Spanish I'm going go to your house, lock eyes with your mother and become your brand new daddy. Then maybe, just maybe you'll learn your P's and Q's, listen when spoken to but most importantly, you'll get on your pitiful knee's and kiss the rings.

This goes for EVERYBODY on the roster, big or small. You can be four foot, or you can be eight foot. But when these rings come into contact with your cheekbones, you'll be running straight to your momma for her to kiss it better, and I'll be right there while she does. I'll pat her right on the ass and have her make a steak, just the way Daddy likes it.

Spanish lowers his microphone and starts nodding his head with a devious smile upon his face to the dismay of the crowd, who bring down upon him a parade of boo's. However Spanish completely ignores the crowd reception and continues on.

Ricky Spanish:
Take note, people of the UnMatched Roster. Because the Bible of Spanish is no joke, and you and your entire family will find out the hard way if you decide to take it, and me lightly. I put down D'Angelo St. Daniels, I put down Sunshine. So as far as I see it, what I say is nothing but GOSPEL to your ears. I am the uncrowned CMV Global Champion! But lets not call it that, I don't need a belt. Because I've already got some gold on me and it's right here on my fingers.

Ricky Spanish once again holds his rings up high for the world to see, glistening under the bright lights for a moment before he once again brings his hand back down and speaks into the microphone.

Ricky Spanish:
Now that we're back on track, Ladies and Gentlemen. You can all have the knowledge I have, it's right here in front of you, written in my little black book. The OFFICIAL Bible. In it contains many short stories, trials and tribulations In the long history of the Spanish family leading up to this very moment. Be sure to tune in, week by week as my father which is most certainly not me in a wig, goes through extract after extract giving you all the special insight into what makes me so great. There's one thing that makes everybody on this roster inferior to me, I've said it time and time again. But let me repeat it just one more time.





-Open to Topher

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Post by Topher Mod on Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:09 pm

Before Ricky Spanish can finish off his anecdote… He’s interrupted by his own theme. Spanish turns to the ramp, confused at first then wide eyed with a look of sincere anger on his face, absolutely infuriated that Former CMV Tag Team Champion, Don Bishop  is dressed up as him…….The Bish however looks at the fans and gives a massive  BANG BANG, and they mark out.

Bish : Yo it’s me Bishy Spanish….BANG BANG….  So I was backstage and my ears were burning, I thought maybe Marko had set them on fire or Boso did some neat magic trick on me…. But no it turns out to be Ricky Spanish in that very ring saying my name, my name of all  people, should I be insulted, or take it as a compliment, doesn’t really matter… What’s important is……IS THIS!!!!

The Bish holds up The Bish Bible.

Bish : That’s right The Bish Bible… in stores now for only $9.99  BANG BANG…. It’s the “official” Bish Bible, has all the juicy stories… with plenty of  pictures, hand drawn by myself, best book ever. Now I did have a ring, but some Gollum guy stole it, Lord have mercy, was a precious ring too…..wait no that was Lord of the Rings…My mistake…

The Bish steps into the ring face to face with Ricky….

Bish : Ricky Spanish…..

The fans boo at the very mention of his name…

Bish : Damn Ricky, I’ve not heard a reaction like this since Vindy won the Global Championship…. Look at you bro, what the hell happened to you, I thought you was cool once, but now you’re just a self obsessed jackass, walking around with a bible and preaching, like you think these people care, newsflash listen to them theyre calling you a jackass.


Ricky looks all around the arena with a pissed off look on his face, he looks at Don and WHACK  smacks Bish across the face with the Bible.


Ricky raises his arm as the fans boo, Bish shakes the cobwebs off and spins Ricky back facing him and hits a DDT…. Ricky lays motionless on the floor.

Bish : You want a match so bad……I ACCEPT!!!






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