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Enforcing the Law

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Enforcing the Law

Post by Miztacular on Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:12 pm

Mr Gnashtastic:
Oh my God! WHAT AN UPSET! DJ Law does it! DJ Law picks up the biggest win of his life as he puts down the former Undisputed Champion Troy Voodoo! What a statement that young man just made! By far THE breakout star of the season so far!

DJ Law explodes to his feet, full of adrenaline after what was arguably the biggest win of his short career, putting down the former three time CMV Undisputed Champion CLEAN in the center of the ring, DJ Law walks over to the corner of the ring where he climbs the turnbuckles, spreading his arms wide embracing the applause from the crowd here tonight on episode sixty seven of UnMatched! After a brief moment, DJ hops down from the tunbuckles down onto the mat, he walks over to the side of the ring and leans over to the top rope, looking directing into the hard camera shouting something that goes unheard due to him not being equipped with a microphone. DJ backs up, raising a fist in the air in celebration but before he is able to turn and make his leave from the ring, his theme is cut off, and interrupted by the theme of the current Fusion General Manager and Interim UnMatched General Manager, Johnny Sampson.

Out from the back he comes, in his patented slick grey suit, rocking his jet black shades, the Interim General Manager of UnMatched marches out to the top of the ramp, looking over the arena he spreads his arms wide and slowly but surely removes the shades from his face, tucking them into his front pocket. He turns to camera and throws a wink its way before making his way down the ramp looking to make contact with the DJ Law in the ring. Sampson now at the bottom of the ramp makes his way around the ring towards the timekeepers area in order to retrieve a microphone before walking over to the nearby steps and making his way up them into the ring, standing face to face with DJ Law.

Johnny Sampson:
DJ Law! I don't believe we've ever been formally introduced! I'm Johnny Sampson, the General Manager of Fusion and the interim General Manager of UnMatched and I must say, color me impressed. To think four months ago you weren't even signed to a CMV contract. You can call Eric Matthews many things, but if there's one thing he did right before he was put on the shelf by Chet Taylor, it was sign you. You seemingly have no ceiling DJ! You've been putting on five star match after five star match. Upset after upset and now here you are, with the biggest win of your career. Congratulations!

But, you have to know I'm not just out here to congratulate you DJ. You see ever since Brody Halleck failed to beat Quantum two weeks ago, and Voodoo, two weeks before that. I've been in my office, in a deep thought on who in the hell is even going to be a challenge for Quantum and his reign as Champion. I thought Voodoo would be a tough challenge, I thought Voodoo might have gotten the job done against Quantum and boy did he come close. But not close enough.

But then out here today, you take Voodoo out of commission and down for the three count with relative ease. That, my friend, was a very impressive sight to behold, you see, not even Quantum could do that, and I think I have an idea as to why you're being so successful against these top stars.

People just don't know what to expect from you, you've been here four months. There's no way they can know everything you have up your sleeve, that or they simply take you lightly because you're new around here. But either way, what is important is that you are picking up the results.

You all might call me crazy. But I think it's this kind of thinking that is going to shake up the Main Event scene, you see DJ. I'm going to give you an opportunity. An opportunity that some could only dream of. This Sunday, you are going to go one on one, with the current CMV World Champion, Quantum, the belt will be on the line. You have the chance to make history, DJ! It's a lot of pressure on your shoulders DJ, but, think of it like this. If you take a lump of coal and put it under immense pressure, one of two things can happen. It will either crumble and turn to dust, or it will come out the other side a diamond. In CMV history there have been many examples of massive underdogs coming out a Diamond. We only have to go as far back as last year, when something very similar to this happened. Sunshine was Champion for 5 months, he retained in a Chamber, nobody could stop him, so what did we do? We threw him a curveball, an eight man tournament of men nowhere near the Main Event scene, and you know what happened? Chris Adams broke through and finally after over a year got back to the top of the mountain. You have the chance to repeat those footsteps DJ. To overcome impossible odds and walkout with the belt around your waist.

Johnny Sampson is forced to lower his microphone due to the ovation from the crowd towards DJ Law, as they all chant in unison "Let's go DJ". Law nods his head with a smirk as Sampson continues.

Johnny Sampson:
Quantum might be the future man. But even he couldn't have been able predict something so out of left field such as this. DJ, pardon the pun, but this Sunday, you have the chance to bring law and order back to the Main Event scene, you have the chance to become the fastest rising CMV World Champion in history. Will you become a pile of dust? Or will you walk out a diamond. It's all in your hands DJ, you've earned it.

Johnny Sampson extends his hand offering up a handshake for DJ Law, one in which he happily obliges to. Sampson raises the arm of DJ into the air as his theme once again hits the PA system and the camera begins to fade to black, ending the segment.

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Re: Enforcing the Law

Post by Maurie on Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:40 pm

I like the way you play these authority figures

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