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I Can Help You

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I Can Help You

Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:35 am

Jon Reed firmly shakes the young up and coming, Twisted's, hand after their hard-fought match-up on the latest edition of Friday night Genesis, showing some surprising sportsmanship. But alas, as many in the CMV universe were expecting, it was a nasty trick, Reed suddenly pulling the rookie up over his shoulders and laying him out with The Fall! Boos pour down on top of The Fallen Angel but he pays them no mind, as this is no longer the Jon Reed we once knew, not really. He mounts Twisted and hammers down on him with right hand after right hand, using his left hand to prop up his victim's head. Blood begins to seep from a gash opened up above Twisted's nose, but that only fuels Reed to keep on going, laying into him even harder as he soaks his knuckles in the crimson fluid. Jon has finally had enough and gets up off of the unconscious newcomer, but this display of savagery has not yet met it's end, he slides out of the ring and grabs from underneath the apron a steel chair ... While getting back into the ring, no doubt to continue to lay waste to the already broken Twisted, Reed is stopped dead in his tracks when the fans all jump to their feet, cheering on Dave Turner who comes zooming down the ramp, entering the ring and putting himself between Jon and Twisted, holding his hands out towards The Fallen Angel, trying to keep him at bay. With his left arm still extended, Dave pulls his right arm in as a mic is in his hand, breathing calmly he speaks slow and stern.

No, Jon, no, you don't have to do this, okay, I can help you!

Reed looks at the chair in his hands, the blood all over him, for a second maybe it seems like the old Jon is breaking through, but that moment snaps away as Jon licks his lips, smirking with sinister intentions.

Jon, please, I know you're in there, just put the chair down, alright, let the medics take Twisted to the back to look at him, then you and I can talk, yeah?

The medical crew arrives ringside, waiting for Jon to move away so that they can retrieve the mangled mess that is Twisted. But Jon doesn't budge. Not an inch, still smiling like the devil ...

Kid, please ... Don't do this ...

(Open to Hellish <3)

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Re: I Can Help You

Post by HellishxHades on Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:22 am

With a glimmer in his eyes, Jon props up the chair. As Both the fans and Turner waiting for Reed to hastefully attack Turner, he didn't. He took a seat, and gestures with his blood covered hands toward Twisted. And the medics rush in to attend to Twisted, Dave still standing guard, never taking his eyes off of Jon, who is sitting there staring at him.

As they slide Twisted on to a stretcher, safely out of the ring. Dave begins to question Jon. Inching closer with each sentence.

See. No one had to get hurt anymore than they already have.

As he got foot from Jon, their eyes never faulted from each other's.Turner reached out his hand and placed it on to Jon shoulder.

Jon. I can help you. You just got to let me.

As Turner's begs Jon to just let him help him, Jon eyes turned to look at Turner's hand on his shoulder. Jon wraps his hand around Turner's and pulled himself up to Turner. Embracing Turner into a hug. The crowd begins to cheer for Turner had finally gotten through to Reed. Turner faces had a smile that you could tell that he was extremely happy that he could help Jon.
The camera man pans around to show Jon's face, he was still smiling like the devil.

As the two begin to separate, Dave finally sees the smile on Reed face. He tries to jerk back to escape, but Jon already had his grips around Turner's head. He slams Turner head onto the lowered section of the steel chair. Turner stood up, covering his mouth and nose, disoriented in pain. Jon bounces off the ropes and cuts Dave in half with a spear. As Dave laid on the mat clinching his ribs, revealing that he was bleeding from his nose.
Jon mounted on top of Turner and repeated what he did to Twisted to Turner.

As he finishes delivering right hooks, he sits back in his chair laughing, licking his lips, smearing Twisted's and Turner's blood over his face. As the camera quickly cuts of off the ring, to the crowd as they all simultaneously have a look of nausea and being freaked out. The camera then cuts backstage, ending the Segment. 


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