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Adam gets his chance

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Adam gets his chance

Post by Funniest Man Alive on Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:58 pm

Adam is being interviewed

Interviwer: So Adam, What do you have to say about your match with Alliester

Adam: It's good to finally get my shot at the anarchy championship, Of course, I have SO many people to thank, Of course there's Mr. I Can't Beat The GOAT Pierre himself, and of course that weird guy I pinned during that Battle Royale a couple weeks ago, and of course the greatest of all time, Adam Val-

Interviewer: Um, Adam

Adam: What is it, PEASANT

Interviewer: It's um, not for the title

Adam: Of Course, It isn't, So lackey why not, Why is it not for the Championship

Interviewer: Well, she says you don't deserve it

Adam: Don't deserve it, Why didn't Cass tell me this, WHY DID A INTERVIEWER HAVE TO TELL ME THIS! What's your name, Come on tell me what's your goddamn name

Interviewer: T- Ti- Ti-


Tim: Tim, Sir

Adam: Tim, Here's what your gonna do, your gonna go to Cass' Office, And convince her to make this for the title, If she says no, you come back here, and I punch you in the face and then you go back and tell I want the winner of Chris Andrews vs. Alliester Knox, and if she says no again, Your getting kicked in the face, OK, GO

Tim runs off

Adam: And of course, That Segment was made possible by The Greatest Of All Time, Adam Valent-

Tim: She said no

Adam kicks Tim in the face

Adam: Sorry about the step in punishment, But you interrupted the GOAT, Anyways Go ask for The Match with winner with the winner of Chris and Knox. GO!

Tim slowly gets up and runs off

Adam: Of Course, As you know I am Adam Valentine, The GREATEST OF ALL TIME, Back to your regularly scheduled programming

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