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Post by 316topher on Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:44 pm

We come back from commercial break as the lights go off and the Tron flashes, the fans look on to see what’s about to occur.

King of The Ring last year on The Dashing Brand and The Bloody Brit has just defeated Sushi-X for the Anarchy Champion…. When out of nowhere Parker runs out, low blows The Brit and steals the Anarchy belt from ringside….Then the footage fast forwards to Anarchy Rulz and The Brit hits Revenge on Parker for the 1..2..3

The footage stops and a voice is heard….The camera pans and we see non-other than Top's Newsome

Tops : Parker….. Payaso…. Parker….. Whatever you want to call yourself, I`ll call you thief, a petty little creature who doesn’t know any better. But as we just witnessed your mind games in the past amounted to nothing, and now you steal my Money in the Bank briefcase, I see you don’t learn from your past mistakes, You could say you have a bad case of  Deja-Vu….Trust me if Deja-Vu is what you want, Deja-Vu is what you’ll get…. Now I could be upset and destroy everyone and everything till I get it back and believe me i will get it back……But I’m The Puppet Master….. I pull the strings….. I’m the one in control,  even when you think you’re on top and when you think you’ve outsmarted me……I can just click my fingers, and you’ll be gone forever, I’m always one step ahead, Never mess with something you cannot scare…. You can bring out your little circus freaks, with their little red noses and make-up around their eyes, you can bring out a tomb that reads 2018-2020….. But if you think that phases me then your sorely mistaken, Do what you fear most and you control fear and that’s why I am The Puppet Master, I fear no man, I fear NOTHING!!!

You say I have a choice to make….. I say you get NOTHING!!!!.... You don’t come into my world and tell me what to do, you’re just a mere clown while I am The Puppet Master……I’ll get my briefcase one way or another and once again I’ll embarrass you inside that very ring…. DEJA-VU..How poetic…. Just remember I’m in Control…… especially when I use MIND CONTROL!!!!

An image flashes on the screen....

The image disappears and Tops  appears on the screen again

Now onto Bryan Novak, this is your last appearance on UnMatched, I hope you bring your A game, but I have a feeling your best is just not that good enough, look at you, you  once held The grandest prize, The CMV Undisputed Championship but what have you done lately, Everyone knows you don’t have what it takes no more, even you know it, your last matches in CMV are almost here, so lets make your last TV appearance memorable, lets give the fans a once in a life time match up, lets give Novak something to be truly memorable by….I suggest No Strings Attached.  

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Re: Nothing!!!!

Post by Maurie on Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:55 pm

Great promo man, really exploited Parker's weaknesses

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Re: Nothing!!!!

Post by Solaris Arc on Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:40 pm

I came here expecting nothing.

But there's something.

You lied to me.

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Re: Nothing!!!!

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