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"Who is Ricky Spanish"

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"Who is Ricky Spanish"

Post by Miztacular on Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:12 pm

Ricky Spanish leaps to his feet following the three count victory over the current Global Champion Sunshine, looking to celebrate he makes his way over to each corner of the ring, one by one scaling the turnbuckle pads to where he sends a rippling crotch chop towards the crowd. After a moment of celebration, Ricky Spanish drops down from the final corner and struts across the ring towards Sunshine, who's managed to crawl himself into a corner during this commotion. Ricky walks up to the masked man and crouches down right in front of him, smiling at the Global Champion. He raises his hand to his face, revealing his glistening gold rings to the world, he reaches out and runs them across the mask of the Global Champion.

Upon rubbing his rings across the mask of Sunshine, Spanish gets back to his feet, with a grin across his face he rolls underneath the bottom rope to the outside of the ring and begins looking under the ring apron for something. Omega Lee, who has remained ringside this entire time looks on along with the crowd and all the people watching at home with curiosity, only to see Ricky Spanish pull out what seems to be a big black book. Spanish slides the book into the ring before going back under the apron once more, pulling out a robe which he promptly puts on before re-entering the ring, only after retrieving a microphone of course. Ricky sends a wink the way of the hard camera as he picks up the book, holding it high into the air for all to see.

Ricky Spanish:
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! What you witness before you today is more than just a simple book! It is the book of life, the key to victory. Throw out your phoney religions, your fake gods. There's only one god you need! His name is Ricky Spanish! For this in my hands today, is the true, the real BIBLE! Inside this book are the ins and outs of the history of mankind, the steps you need to take to become one with the rings. The rings of Spanish! You see this book right here in my hands, is full of many fables, many stories, all of which lead to this moment right now and beyond! In thousands of years when humanity looks back upon history they'll refer to this book. The good book. If everybody followed the lessons and steps within this fabled Bible, we would have so many more success stories in this world. I look around this arena today and I see a bunch of faceless bodies making up the crowd, but if you read this book. Your face will become so much more... ALIVE!

Trust me people I know what I am talking about. I am no fool, I am no joke, I am simply your prophet. Look at what I have accomplished in just two matches this season! I left D'Angelo St. Daniels laid out at Quarantine, I gave Sunshine, your Global Champion, a reason to be broken tonight. But never fear, the belt he holds is not of importance! The only thing that matters in this company. In this world! Is the OFFICIAL Bible! Written by yours truly.

Now I know, I know, you're all wondering, what is this guy talking about, what about Jesus, what about God, that elephant thing, Allah, seventy two virgins and the like. Well let me tell you that is all a lie! All these gods you've come to know of, are just copycats, incorrectly told stories, and myths. You see that wasn't Jesus who parted the red sea! It was my great uncle Rickiah Spanish! Over the years the names became jumbled which is why this world needs the truth, and that can all be found inside this book.

I can hear it now, "Give us an Extract" you all say! Well fear not! Over time these fables will become that of legend! But before we can really grasp the concept of becoming one with the rings. We have to ask ourselves. "Who is Ricky Spanish" well do not fear, for I have a very special guest here on call ready to answer that very question for you! Take it away!

Spanish points up to the titantron which flickers, revealing what looks to be an old library, we're welcomed by a freshly lit fireplace and the back of what looks to be a rotating chair. As the camera zooms closer, the chair begins to rotate, revealing none other than Ricky Spanish wearing a grey wig, and poorly done makeup evidently applied by himself in an attempt to look like an older person. The Spanish lookalike takes a puff of his old pipe before noticing the camera looking right at him.

Oh I didn't see you come in!

The man on the titantron smiles in what is an awkward, long pause allowing Ricky Spanish to once again talk in ring.

Ricky Spanish:
The well groomed gentleman you see before you on the titantron is most certainly not me! Though you can see where I get my good looks. For it is my father, Ricky Spanish senior. He'll be the man, week in week out, taking you on this journey through the Bible of Spanish. Of course though! I cannot simply give out all the goods this week! That would be preposterous! But be sure to tune in for Ricky Spanish's next Bible Studies session to find out the answer to the all important question "Who is Ricky Spanish"

Omega Lee, who had remained ringside throughout all of this, finally decides to put an end to this charade and slides into the ring under the bottom rope and walks up behind Ricky Spanish in the center of the ring. Ricky, feeling another presence in the ring slowly turns around, coming face to face with Omega Lee.

Ricky Spanish:
How dare you interrupt the unveiling of THE BIBLE! You have insulted my honor, my religion! I challenge you to duel!

Ricky drops his microphone and swings his Bible, smacking Omega Lee across the face with it, catching Lee of guard it sends him stumbling into the ropes, Ricky being as cocky as he is, dismisses the former Global Champion and retrieves his microphone once again while Lee momentarily recovers against the ropes, looking at Spanish from behind with a look of confusion.

Ricky Spanish:
It was our lord, Rickyano Spanish, who once said. Thou shall not interrupt the Bible Studies of---

Before Ricky can continue he receives a stiff forearm to the back of the head from Omega Lee, stunning Ricky long enough for Omega Lee to tuck his head, hook the arms and deliver The Wings of Sorrow to Ricky Spanish, right in the center of the ring.
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Re: "Who is Ricky Spanish"

Post by Childish Meltzer on Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:26 am

Omega Lee
It’s only a matter of time before you find yourself across the ring from me again, Sunshine.  So allow me to congratulate you on your accomplishment while its still fresh in everyone’s head before our next encounter. As fate has it CMV provides challengers to step in the ring across from champions who are willing to not only compete but hold the championship that they seek. But this accomplishment will come without a milestone for you. Your passion for the business and sport is noble. You’ve put time into learning the essential ways and fancy yourself a bit of an expert...or revolutionary of the ring they say. But the whispers that come from the peanut gallery often come without a verbal rebuttal. It’s the nature of the business for everyone to always wonder what’s next...or who is next. Names on the marquee rise from the depths of obscurity and climb to the top of the bill, yet often struggle to stay there because it takes more than passion and potential to cement yourself a legacy.

The side of Lee’s mouth perks with a smirk as his eyes travel down to his feet, where Sunshine’s body rests, before fixating on the Global Championship at timekeepers area.

Omega Lee
It’s the top of the mountain we seek in this industry. Otherwise why bother putting your life on the line for the enjoyment of an imbecile who smashes refreshments into their mouth between the verbal praise and jeers. There’s a sacrifice we make when we climb that mountain. We start at the bottom with baggage strapped to our backs in form of the expectations of our loved ones and peers alike. Yet as we climb the mountain we realize that the baggage is too heavy to carry if we’re going to make it to the top and succeed so we slowly let the baggage go. First it might be the expectations of fans or fringe family. Next the admiration of anyone whose opinion doesn’t factor into our success. Then slowly as you make it to the top you realize that if you’re going to take that final step you need to scratch and claw and sacrifice all the baggage you carry with you to plant your flag on top of that mountain and become King.

His head shakes slowly back and forth with a growing look of disapproval on his face.

Omega Lee
That’s the part they don’t tell you. They leave out that whole ‘"nothing else matters but the championship" detail. They’ll praise you for your potential and pat you on the back as they walk passed, but they’re never honest with you. They let you dig your hands into the unsteady soil at the top of the mountain and in that brief moment you have a decision to make. Are you going to let it all go and take the final step? Or are you going to let your baggage stop you? Because if you think you can bring it with you to the top of the mountain you won’t realize that you’ve made a mistake until the man (ME) that already stands at the top is waving goodbye to you as you plummet from the top. You find yourself reaching out for something...anything to stop the fall and in that moment you’ll wish you had let it all go. And when you hit at the bottom and the air is sucked from your lungs and you feel like you’ve been broken you immediately hope  that next time you’ll make the right choice….only problem with hope is the anxiety that settles into the back of your mind when you’re uncertain that you’ll ever make it back to the top again, that anxiety the pressure that will sit on your chest making a deep breath seem like an impossible task. That baggage will get the better of you and as you fall from grace the only thing you can do is blame the baggage for the fall instead of looking inward and recognizing that you are the reason you will never amount to anything again. You certainly seem to think you are the man with the pedigree, but I see the truth. The truth is the hope that the whispers trudge on about is what you use as fuel. A feel good underdog story that started with conflict and doubt. You hope to be able to take that championship back to the your critics in the climax of your story to prove to them that you made good on your promise. Try to instead use them as a blanket to fall on after I throw you from the top of this mountain upon your arrival. You see there’s only one flag that flies high in CMV and I didn’t stick it into the top of the mountain and leave it there in ego. I pick it up and wave it from the highest point every chance I get to remind the roster that if they want the throne they’ll have to make the sacrifices I made. More than just living with the disapproval of those who love you. More than trying to live up to expectations given to you because of your lineage. Try being the man who has to physically harm the one soul on this planet who looks into your eyes every night and tells you how deep their love is. You still want to fuel your climb to the top on hope? Then do yourself a favor and hope you survive the fall. Hope you can pick up the pieces after you break like a nursery rhyme and put yourself back together again because the rise from obscurity is easy to fight through. It’s the fall back down that haunts you and when you aren’t prepared to fall and refuse to acknowledge that possibility you’ll end up on the other side of the whispers. Instead of praising your potential they’ll boldly discuss that you’re a bust. Nothing more than another dime a dozen underdogs that come and go. Good face. Great story. Bad ending. There’s no doubt the fire burns deep inside of you. Unfortunately that burning fire won’t protect you when you walk through the gates of hell at Contingency. You’ll look on staring into the Global Championship as the referee holds it up between us; reminding the world of the challenge you have before you...But when he lowers the championship your eyes will then have no choice but to find the man who stands across from you. A man who has been where you are and fallen from the mountain. A man who has been broken and put the pieces back together again so he could take one more climb; and when that man reaches the top he evolved into a monSTAR. So bring your broken smile full of hope. Let the whispers whip around the arena as they speak because when I break you in front of the entire world on pay-per-view, I want everyone to remember the time I become a TWO time Global Champion and I wave that flag on the top the mountain again.


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