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Keep One Eye Open

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Keep One Eye Open

Post by Childish Meltzer on Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:35 am

Chet Taylor sits center frame while Cody Douglas stands off to the side in the corner icing his head and face, looking away from the camera. Chet stays still, in silence twirling away with his bat as he just stares off into space. For a moment it looks like he’s going to say nothing, but finally, he speaks.

Chet Taylor
I wish I could say how I hate to be the one that has to do this Georgie, but I couldn't really careless because I had originally set my sights on a co-existence between the two of us where I allowed you to play your games in my playground with your own little piece of land to call it your own kingdom. A place of happiness where you could hold your championship above your head and tell the world that you too are a champion and a leader. The people around you would applaud your accomplishments and I would never have to ride through your home and remind you that your existence on Unmatched is simply as "the other guys". However, this is your Fate that you chosen for all of us to be in when you thought it would be smart to talk down to me like some angsty kid ridiculing my cause. Chosen by the one who finds joy in the constant reminder of bringing humans down a peg or two. Nothing I of course haven’t experienced myself.

Chet finally looks into the camera, his focus all on the promo ahead of him.

Chet Taylor
It’s interesting to see the kind of mental gymnastics that people will go through in order to validate themselves. Their silly behavior done so they can feel good about the point they’re trying to get across. It’s just weird coming from certain people. You’re so used to seeing them act one way, and suddenly everything changes. Our European champ has fallen under this type of puerility recently. I’ve seen it all before, done much better too.

A snide comment, Chet mockingly feigns a grin before looking around him. He removes himself from the stool, smashing his bat into the stool knocking it away from him into the corner where Douglas is standing. His hands reach for his face, straining to keep his words at bay. For a moment he looks to say something, but he sighs. Straightening back up, keeping on track. He smirks, as he looks into the camera.

Chet Taylor
It's crazy how we keep ending up here, in the same situation over and over again.  The more I witness it the more I think you want this to happen. I'm starting to think this is all planned out, you're just hoping for your own self destruction. It's obvious to see, anybody with two eyes could see it coming. You came out of the gate swinging,No one can say that they were really expecting anything less. Especially not from the last crowned NGW champion. I bet that feels good to hear. Probably felr even better, waking up knowing that you were on the path of destiny. You were on a path to prove yourself, no matter what cost. I watched it all, I saw you walk into NGW and lay waste. You put down everyone in front of you, and took what you wanted.It wasn’t enough though.....
We can argue semantics all day, but at the end of the day you’re just not the same guy. Your false kingdom is starting to crumble....it'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic just like your attack on Aaron Waite is that how it's gonna be, kid? Y'see, I knew it was gonna be like that. I know what you are, I'm in your head because you're the same punk I step into the ring with week-in and week-out I've ever been in with, you're cocky because you know you're destined to beat the old man. You're just gonna play tough guy because that's what gets you off...you don't have any prep, any game plan or a care in the world because that's just not how you roll, is it? I feel sorry for you,
I feel such pitty for you because you will never regain what you had in NGW and not feeling that same rush of power and control, you will never get back that edge. I’m okay with getting hurt, and taking some beatings,  I’m okay with getting beat, and losing my title. These things happen to teach us, to allow us to learn. This happens so that it doesn’t happen again the next time, we change the future. Only I am in control of my destiny, so you’re just going to have to sit back and watch me skyrocket some more because you didn't hinder any of my plans for my cause. Hold onto the past if you must. Hold onto the false hope you have being that scrap metal known as the European Championship. Hold onto those times you got the better of me. No bother though, because soon enough there will be nothing left. Nothing to remember the old mad king by, the accolades and achievements you used to carry. Nobody will remember, they’ll just see the bloated corpse standing before them. Paraded out like a puppet, show after show until you’ve had enough punishment. Me? I’m remembering the past, and I’m changing my future by molding Unmatched into my personal playground for Syndicate. I’m not here to make the same mistakes again, I’m here to achieve greatness. You’ll get a full view of that while you're sitting at home watching Syndicate do what your almighty powerful Kingdom couldn't do and that is conquering Mexitan becoming YOUR.. NEW..World Tag Team Champions....So I advise everyone to keep one eye open especially you Georgie.

(Open to Hayden to say a few words if not then continue to read the bottom text)

With that, there’s nothing else to be said. Chet lifts his hands up, slamming them together in a clap as the lights go out. The room is now dark, we hear footsteps as they carry away from the camera. Soon enough a bit of light creeps into the room, as Chet opens the door. He and Douglas steps through, slamming it shut.

Ending the scene.


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