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Kingdom of Destruction XXV: Doc Says

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Kingdom of Destruction XXV: Doc Says

Post by HellishxHades on Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:04 pm

As Unmatched returns from commercial, we see George King sitting backstage outside of General Manager Johnny Sampson. Office. He waits a couple of seconds and let's out a sigh. He points his thumb to the door which is behind him. And Joe Dirte walks up to the door and knocks on it.
The door opens and Johnny Sampson stands there staring at Joe's chest. He slowly looks up. Before hearing George, who was sitting right beside him, cough. Johnny looks back at Joe, then to George, then he saw Max lean against the wall behind Joe.

George King:
Well, are you gonna invite me into your office?

Johnny stood there hesitant for a second, then he answered George King.

Johnny Sampson:
Yeah, Come on in.

Johnny leads The Kingdom into his office. As Johnny reaches his office, Max closed the door. He and Joe stood guard at the door. George took a seat in front of Johnny.

Mr. King, how can I help you, today.

George King:
Well Mr. Sampson, as you know last week with my match with Brody, I collapse due to my back giving out.

Johnny nods to acknowledge the incident George refered to.

Well, I went to the doctor, and he said I need to rest.

Johnny Sampson:
Well, that is understandable, you won't be booked tonight, we will find out who will face you at Contingency.

George King:
Yeah, no mate. Doc Says that I have to miss Contingency.

Johnny seem shocked to hear this news.

Johnny Sampson:
Well, that is a shame. But since you won't be able to defend your Championship within the next 30 days, I guess at Contingency, we will crown a new European Championship, I am sorry to say that I need you to hand over your European Championship.

George started to chuckle for a few seconds.

George King:
Yeah, no. I have this from the CEO of CMV. I am excused from defending my title at Contingency, due to me carrying this brand on my back since iMPLOSION. Here's the letter, read them and leap.

Johnny Sampson starts to read the letter. As he reads he continues to look back and forth between George and the Letter.

Johnny Sampson:
Well, I guess you don't have to. Mr. King, enjoy your time off. But, Joe and Max, don't think that this applies to you, you are to show up every episode of Unmatched and Contingency even if you two ain't booked.

Joe and Max take a step forward before George lifts his hand.

George King:
That's is understandable. If you excuse me, I have date, with my wife tonight. So Johnny,
have a nice day.

George stands up and walks out, Joe and Max follows him.


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