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One Man's Treasure Is Another Man's Trash

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One Man's Treasure Is Another Man's Trash

Post by Master Ogon on Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:58 pm

Tonight's KOTR ended up with Briggs winning the whole damn thing, but there was another winner that came from this night. Even though Yume lost his match to make it to the semi-finals due to his decision to taunt at a horrible moment, he did end up winning the Rising Star Title at the start of the night after knocking Jack out with a well-placed kick to the head.  But how he celebrated this title win was odd, because he pretty much didn't celebrate it at all. Yume walked backstage without caring about his title, leaving his translator Yoshihiro Higashikata to run down to the ring and bring the title to him. Which brings us to this moment where the cameras are filming Yoshihiro walking through the backstage looking for Yume, who he finds packing his stuff to get ready for tomorrow's Fusion. Yoshihiro approaches him slowly with the title in both of his hands, a concerned look on his face like always.

Yoshihiro Higashikata:
Masato, you forgot your title.

He repeats this sentence in Japanese as well, so both the audience and Yume understands what Yoshihiro said. Yume grips his title with his left hand, looking down at it then back up at Yoshihiro. But this rather calm moment suddenly turns into a disturbing one as Yume suddenly grips his manager's throat with his right hand, choking him. Yume stares at his manager with a look of pure rage, the same face that he made when he destroyed Jack Dyalop in his first appearance. Yoshihiro is attempting to breathe with a horrified look on his face, but because of Yume's hand around his throat, that's impossible. Masato releases his hand from Yoshihiro's throat, but right after he shoves him back, leaving him on the ground gasping for air. Masato does another sickening action as he throws his newly won title into the floor, and then stepping on it with his left boot! Yume then walks out of this room, leaving Yoshihiro to crawl over to the title and stare at it in fear, he might lose his job for letting Yume do this. The view fades to black, the staff deciding that they didn't want the audience to see any more of this disgusting scene. The cameras may have stopped rolling, but the message that Yume sent is one that will not be forgotten.

Yume just showed the ultimate disrespect to everyone that ever held that title and everyone who ever worked hard to find success in CMV. While others will spend months, maybe even years just trying to win a title, Yume wins one in his second match and doesn't even care about it! Yume might have become the most hated man on the roster in this one action, disrespecting both the faces and heels of the past. Even the man who's supposed to be his manager and friend, Yoshihiro Higashikata is a target of Yume and his hatred for CMV!  Who will stand up to this monster of a man?!
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