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Contingency Open Challenge

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Contingency Open Challenge

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:17 pm

As Unmatched #67 begins, the pyro playing, the crowd cheering. As the fun times continue, the PA System begins playing to the egotistical rat that is Charlie Garfield coming out, wearing a black and white shirt, with the words “Project Renegade” on it. He points to the shirt, wording from his mouth to the camera “It’s a side project”. He chuckles, before continuing on down to the ring, before he reaches the ring, smiling and waving to the crowd, before he looks at the hard-camera, beginning his speech.

O shut the hell up, all of you! I know why you’re booing me. You’re booing me because of those things I said to that Leather Jacket wearing, Back to the Future watching, Pacman playing, Sucker named D’Angelo St. Daniels. Well truth be told that I said those things because they were true. He grabs the attention of children and pea-brained adults by dressing in these colorful trunks, looking like a pink and purple Peacock coming out of Madagascar. And to that 4 ton of fun Travis Rotwell…..Oh I’m sorry, Rothwell. You see, “Rothwell”, the GM wanted to make me a mockery because I talked down one of their show-ponies. So they ended up pairing you with the most hard-hitting superstar on this roster. And they paired me up with The Blob. They paired me up with “Diet Day #1 - I removed all the fattening food from my house. It was delicious.” They paired me with one of the saddest excuses for a wrestler in CMV, Mr. Travis Rothwell.

The crowd boos extensively at Garfield, who mocks Rothwell by rubbing his stomach and smirking. He begins laughing, to a point where he needs to wipe his eye of a tear.

...Travis, I don’t care about you. For all I’m concerned, you probably don’t even care about me. So how about you go with your “Smokey the Bear” wannabe, Demitrius Bronson, stupid name by the way, and I’ll go back to shaming your favorite superstars….Now then, I got some “heat” from DSD, saying he’d rather focus on Tone White than instead of a REAL challenge. I mean, Tone White is a legend, but legends are old fables. And Tone White IS the oldest of fables. Tone White is basically a living, breathing bible. But, who carries a bible anymore? I mean, the only bible I carry is the Ricky Spanish Bible, which copies are 9.99 in depositories near you.

He snickers again, as the crowd continues to boo on the English Superstar, who continues to chuckle about his false advertising.

But enough talk about bibles and old men, let’s get back to the here and now. Tonight, I wanted to put out a challenge to any small-willy-ed, pea-brained, dumbass wanting to show his guts to the thousands at attendance. I’m challenging anyone to a match at Contingency. And it is going to be THEE main event. Because any match with me is considered THEE main event….So I’ll wait right here, and I’ll wait until someone comes out and asks me, BEGS me, for a match at Contingency.

And as those words were said, Charlie runs to the outside, grabs a chair, and places it in the middle of the ring, the crowd continue to boo on Garfield, as he theatrically proceeds in taking a sit in the chair, watching the entrance stage, waiting for someone to come out.


“I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original”

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Charlie Garfield:
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Charlie Garfield is a god among men.

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Re: Contingency Open Challenge

Post by HellishxHades on Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:04 pm

As Bad Company theme hit the P.A. System, the young gun, Jacob Hardway made his way on to the stage. He grabs a mic,
and begins to critique Charlie.

Jacob Hardway:
Charlie... Bud. What is it. Why does it seem like you always angry. Your angry and prematurely act on Twitter. You angry and prematurely act when you fight. You act like a child. You complain that someone is in a high profile, multi company fued. Your mad that you wasn't able to beat George King. Your mad that cause of that lost, they put you were you belong, the undercard.

Now, you are here start of the undercard, trying to act on high and mighty. What do you think you are. Do you think your a benevolent god. Sorry to ruin this for you, like Santa Claus, Gods don't exist. And you, want to rule Unmatched, but guess what. This challenge you through out is accepted, I will gladly shut you up. I will do better than that, I will put you to sleep. I will lock Hard Luck and either you tap, or I will make you pass out.

Jacob tosses the mic, turning and walking to the back.

[Open to 702, or the screen fades.]

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