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I am more than just an aesthetic decor

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I am more than just an aesthetic decor

Post by Childish Meltzer on Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:21 am

Standing in front of a camera is D'Angelo St. Daniels after just beating Ringo Maxx in a chamber qualifier he requested for a camera to be set had he won or lost so it can be there for DSD to speak his mind without having to be hasstled by questions from Lisa Evans. There's the sound of hustle of bustle, the type that accompanies a wrestling show still being filmed, all around him as DSD stands there firmly. He doesn't even seem frazzled by the moment, his body language suggesting he's got a million things on his mind and none of them are all that important to him. Nonchalantly and perhaps even cavalierly, DSD starts to speak while putting on his gear. His attention isn't even on the camera.

Tonight I just won another FIGHT not a match but a fight because I need to face the toughest, the baddest, and the most endured in order to be prepared for what awaits at Contingency and as an incentive they even gave me a spot in the wold championship elimination chamber for the fourth year in a row that will be waiting for me at Unchained so you could say the pressure is on for me to not let this opportunity go to waste. There's really nothing more I can endure, hints my victory tonight against Ringo Maxx in of showing of my physicality in contrasts of the match before with Bryan Novak which was a showing of resiliency. Now some would say from a different perspective that "D;Angelo St. Daniels is starting to run out of things to prove" but the way I see it Contingency is still just on the horizon where I have what some would call a "BIG match up" with a multi time world champion in Tone White just days away and that just makes me think that I have everything to lose...now the reason I say this because if I walk into Madison Square Garden that night and I beat Tone White

DSD speaking as a simple mark wrestling fan

"No big deal, of course DSD beats a self-aggrandizing tool like Tone White who's NEVER had any real competition, he's practically out of his depth stepping into the ring with a man nicknamed the Gate City God"

DSD now starting to speak in an aggressive tone, his fissts clenching while his words flow out of his mouth.

but if I lose?,,,,after all the things that were said on twitter, all the personal attacks, all the usual glitz and glam that I will have walking into that match, if I lose could you even imagine the EMBARRASSMENT that if I lose to a guy like Tone White on MY own show talent not withstanding, if I lose to a guy that is starting to feel rundown and just looking for a reason to continue such a lofty yet still lackluster career by even having such a ridiculous tour just to feel self-importance...could you imagine how its going to look walking into that elimination chamber being the guy Tone White beat, just imagine how its going to look if I win the chamber I'll still be marked as a failure and that I cannot allow to happen.,,,when we both walk into the Garden we're going to be walking down that ramp from two different perspective because this is just a one night only thing and Tone will be gone once the ref hits three win or lose so this match and this company means practically nothing to him, he's doing this for selfish purposes all he wants is the opportunity to feel that rush of a big match feel in front of some rabid fans to prove that he still got it. So there's no doubt in my mind that once we're both in the ring it's going to be a spectacle for thirty minutes, there's no doubt two minutes into the match there's going to be a small pocket of fans chanting towards Tone saying how 'you still got it clap clap clap clap clap you still got it" then Tone is going to crack a toothy grin start to get big headed and think to himself "YEAH...of course I still got it, I NEVER lost it" and that's when his guard drops, that's when he becomes complacent.....while I CAN'T afford to be C O M P L A C E N T....

DSD cracks a little smirk, a sigh escaping his lips. The moment is short lived before he speaks again with that serious tone in his voice.

Tone White has never been in a company like CMV until a couple weeks ago when he was slapping hands with Ricky Spanish so you have honestly NO IDEA what I've been through as a MAN, as a WRESTLER I'm talking two years of struggle busting my ass UP and DOWN the card night after night just to maintain my place here so to say that this brand means the world to me is an understatement...so Tone when you walk into Madison Square Garden and you stand across the ring from me in your head you're going to be looking down on me but you're gonna have to look me in my eyes with NO excuses, NO politics, and NO Twitter to prove your worth because you're stepping into my turf
This.. Is.. CMV..

DSD's smirk is back, his fists unclenching. His shoulders tense up and his palms rub together while DSD goes back to talking. Again there's nothing glitzy nor glamour here, just a man fighting to get his point across as calmly and seriously as he can.

You're previous accolades and accomplishments mean absolutely NOTHING what matters is that I'm going to do whatever it takes to humiliate you and see the tears of your fans and hear the loud cries of your followers, Tone I can't wait because my name will forever be itched in stone and people are going to remember that I am more than just an aesthetic decor because everyone will never forget what D'Angelo St. Daniels did to Tone White at Contingency


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Re: I am more than just an aesthetic decor

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:35 am

Damn, dude. Better than my promo! 10/10

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