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The War Rages On

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The War Rages On

Post by Mr. Dashing on Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:10 pm

The CMV Undisputed champion, Hayden, has just taken his leave to the back after celebrating his five star victory over Paul Divine in a fantastic two out of three falls match-up. This leaves Paul alone in the ring, now on his knees, trying to recuperate after what was a knock-down, all-out battle between two brothers. As he is just getting to his feet he's jumped from behind by Harvey Hastings and Chris Diamond, who slide underneath the bottom rope to catch Divine off guard. They get him down to the canvas and continue to stomp on him over and over again, as this is all going on, Matt Devious runs down the ramp and grabs a steel chair from under the ring, then joining the CMV United States champion and The Baller in the ring, all circling Paul like sharks in the deep blue sea, closing in on their prey. But they're all waiting now, just surrounding the still downed Asian Sensation who attempts to stir, but as he does he feels a boot on the back of his head pressing down; it's Travis King!

The Perfect Specimen grabs Paul by both sides of his head and brings him up to his feet, staring him in the eyes as he foams at the mouth like a rabid dog. Devious has the chair ready to strike in his hands while Hastings and Diamond each have one of Divine's arms, however as these four men look to put the final nail in the coffin, out onto the stage and down towards the ring rushes Johnny Columbus, Logan Hail AND Miles Kelly, coming to the aid of their team captain!

They hit the squared-circle and instantly clash with their chosen opponents, Johnny of course going after Chris, Kelly crashing into Devious and Hail jumping on top of Harvey, kicks, punches, you name it being thrown in this complete frenzy! King looks around him, panicking, this wasn't his plan, and while he's distracted Divine comes to and plants a forearm to the back of his head, mounting King and digging into him with a barrage of lefts and rights. The Monday night Fusion ring is looking like a warzone with these eight superstars beating the hell out of one another!

An upperhand is taken by Miles over Matt when he knees him in the gut and drives him head first into the canvas with a beautiful DDT, but his moment is short-lived as Harvey has broken free from Hail's grasp momentarily and catches Kelly from behind with a low-blow, the crowd gasping and every man in attendance cringing as The Legit Gentleman collapses to the outside of the ring. But now Logan looks to avenge his pal and tag team partner, spinning the U.S champ around and headbutting him with a WHACK that echoes throughout the arena, The Assassin falling like a sack of stones. Travis King gets the edge over Paul and cracks him one on the jaw, turning to Hail and giving him a swift kick to the midsection, then a superkick for good measure!!! Columbus and Diamond are on the outside of the ring now, towards the bottom of the ramp, these bitter rivals are absolutely tearing into each other, their hatred is very apparent as the bad blood between them has reached it's boiling point, they throw hands until their both on their knees, still hammering away, each busted open, blood pouring down their faces but they still don't stop until they each dig down deep, and put together a slobberknocker of a punch, connecting with both they are instantaneously put to sleep.

In the ring The Japanese Sensation regains his footing and he and King lock eyes in the center of the ring, the audience going nuts, the team leaders buckle down and prepare for another round, but just as they are about to collide, security FINALLY shows up, a dozen men holding these two arch-enemies at bay, stopping them from ripping each others heads off. With their teammates scattered across the arena, all unconscious, the medical crew arriving on scene to help them all out, Travis and Paul are dragged off in opposite directions, their war once again being put on hold, the final battle on the horizon at Validation ...

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1x CMV Tag Team champion


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