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Prove Myself Once Again

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Prove Myself Once Again

Post by HardlineOyster on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:21 pm

As Fusion comes back from commercial break, Azreal is shown backstage in the interview section, along with an unnamed interviewer

Unimportant Interviewer
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my gue-

Ok, shut up everyone knows who I am, and no one knows who you are cause we can't have one regular, ordinary person with a name to interview everybody without them getting fired or just plain getting their ass kicked. So please, if you would leave the shot and make sure that cameraman is making me look good. Ok?

The useless interviewer person then leaves the frame with a confused look as Azreal stands with a mic in his hand.

Now I'm pretty sure you guys are wondering why I didn't compete tonight, well the answer to that is I guess they didn't need me. I mean after failing to qualify for the King of the Ring event, which I had to qualify in a multi man match while everyone else were in singles matches, management wanted this episode of Fusion to be all about newcomers and KOTR qualifiers. And since I failed to qualify via fluke it seems I have to show even more effort and patience for a title shot, which brings me to my announcement. From this moment forward, as a weekly event on Monday Night Fusion, I hereby declare The Best One Around Challenge or BOA for short you guys get it. Anyway, this challenge that I myself made up will be an open match to face yours truly, but to make it better especially since the challenger has the honor of facing the BOA himself, I will grant them the request of saying what match type they want to be in or what stipulation there should be. Because frankly there needs to be something different with each challenge. The best part about this though is that anyone can challenge me, whether it be an old legend or a newcomer, he'll even the president himself I will accept anyone that steps up. The reason behind this whole thing is to show why I deserve more here in CMV, and also another reason for me to stick it to management here. So anyone watching this right now, if you want to challenge The Best One Around himself, just let me know and we can make it happen.

Azreal then leaves the frame causing the segment to end.


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