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Kingdom of Destruction XXIV: This Land is My Land

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Kingdom of Destruction XXIV: This Land is My Land

Post by HellishxHades on Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:48 pm

As Max Rider and Joe Dirte stand tall over Cody Douglas, George King slides into the ring. George looks down at the fallen Cody, and smirks. He looks at Joe and Max and orders them to pick him up. As they lift him to his knees, George gets in his face. He slaps Cody across the face, as he laughs at how helpless Cody is. Cody brought his head back up into the face of George King, and spits over his face. As George flinches back getting Cody's spit off his face. Joe and Max begin to deliver right hooks to the abdomen of the lone Syndicate Member.

As George finishes cleaning of his face, he looks at Cody with such anger and hatred. He tackles Cody out of the Grips of the Kingdom, and starts to unload across his face. After a few seconds, Max and Joe pull George off of Cody. He stands over his limp body and spits on him. George walks over to the ring announcer on the outside and grabs a microphone. He the stands in the middle of the Ring.

George King:
Oh Cody I guess you are wondering where your friends are huh. Well I believe Chet is looking for Aaron to come down here so you three can take us out. But...

George points at the titantron, and we see Aaron standing outside guerilla as Cody made his way to the ring. Before he could follow him threw the curtains, George King attacks him backstage. Slamming him into supply crates, whipping him off the walls of the arena, and dragging him off screen.

George King:
You see I am the reason why Aaron not here, cause he out cold. Chet is still looking, he can look all he wants, Aaron not gonna wake up this is week. But there was something that is burning inside my head. Chet, you want to claim Unmatched for your group. Well you see, This Land is my Land, This Land is not Your Land, This Land wasn't made for You, it was Made for people like me.

As George King finishes singing in mocking tone his, Max and Joe start to kick the down body of Cody. George orders them to pick him, as he symbols that it's time for the Royal Flush. As Joe and Max grab Cody's arm and try to lift him up, Chet Taylor runs down to the ring, baseball bat in hand. As Chet enters the ring, George King rolls out. Max charges Chet, but receives a shot to the gut. Joe also charges but as Chet swings, Joe grabs the other end of the bat. Chet not willing to let go, stares at Joe, and delivers a low blow, as Joe drops to his knees, Chet swings his bat and smacks Joe on top of the head. Joe falls to the side. As Chet stares down King who is on the outside shocked on what he just saw, Max grabbed Joe's arm and dragged him out of the ring. Chet and George keep there eyes locked as the latter begin to back up the ramp with Max and the unconscious Joe. Chet attends to Cody making sure he is okay, as the screen cuts to commercial.

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Re: Kingdom of Destruction XXIV: This Land is My Land

Post by Miztacular on Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:05 pm

Might be your best promo hellish good job

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