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Minor setbacks

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Minor setbacks

Post by Miztacular on Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:01 pm

CMVWrestling.Com Exclusive!

Shortly after her Co-Main Event Match with Kristen Page at Revelations, Megan Cooper can be seen walking around the backstage area, she turns a corner bumping into the ever renowned CMV Interviewer, Lisa Evans who, with wide eyes looks to take upon herself the latest scoop of CMV news.

Lisa Evans:

Megan turns around, exhaling heavily, exhausted from her match with Kristen, she wipes her brow looking to give Evans her interview, however instead of responding to Lisa, she simply stands their in wait for Lisa to carry out the interview.

Lisa Evans:
Ladies and Gentlemen, Lisa Evans here with Megan Cooper coming off of her loss to Kristen Page moments ago in a match that had Money in the Bank implications. Megan, I know this probably wasn't the result you were looking for tonight, however if it's any consolation your match tonight will surely be the match of the night, in fact it could even go down as one of the matches of the year!

Cooper takes a second to catch her breath, nodding her head along with what Lisa Evans is saying before she opens her mouth for a response.

Megan Cooper:
I'd be lying if I said I was fine with the outcome of tonight's match. I've beaten Kristen many times before, and I thought tonight would be no different. Although I am happy to put on one of the matches of the year for the fans, but It'll always go down in my head as a blemish on my record. I could be preparing to cash in Money in the Bank tonight had I beaten Kristen Page. But alas I stand here beside you know with nothing. Don't get me wrong, I have no excuses, congratulations to Kristen, as much as the briefcase was on the line for me tonight, she clearly needed the win more than I did.

Lisa Evans:
Your rivalry with Kristen Page has been a long and storied one, dating back several years, is it safe to say that it has come to an end tonight?

Megan Cooper:
I don't think my rivalry with Kristen will ever end. The best we'll ever have is the ability to tolerate each other. I guess that's the one positive of Kristen Page picking up the win tonight, is that I no longer have a crazy maniac to look out for week in week out, Kristen was obsessed with me, she had that look in her eye. She was never going to stop. That alone was exhausting, the constant need to be on the look out was mentally draining.

Lisa Evans:
Well obviously, after your match with Kristen, you stand here without the Money in the Bank briefcase, however, you are still coming off of a win over the current Champion, Quinn-Belle. You have two wins to her one in your trilogy. Do you think this loss tonight hurts your chances of getting the next Title shot and a chance to regain what was once yours?

Megan Cooper:
To be honest with you Lisa, I don't think this affects my chances at a Title shot at all. This wasn't a contenders match, this was for a briefcase. I know I'm still at the top of those rankings and I know Quinn doesn't want another match with me. I don't expect it to come anytime soon though which is exactly why I wanted to walk out of tonight with the Money in the Bank briefcase, Quinn is held up with her beef with Sampson, and I'd rather not wait several months for another shot. But it is what it is I guess. Tonight, it was all in my hands to pick up that briefcase and I let myself down, my family down and the people of Connecticut down. I promised them that belt would be coming back home where it belongs, that Connecticut would have a Champion once again and had I won the briefcase I'd be cashing it in tonight. It's just a shame that isn't the case.

Lisa Evans:
Well Megan, I'm sorry tonight didn't go the way you wanted, I do want to thank you for what was absolute classic of a match tonight though. But I do have just one more question for you, obviously like you said, you feel as if it might be some time before you get the match you feel you deserve with Quinn, is there anything you want to say to the current CMV Women's Undisputed Champion? Or perhaps Laura Sampson?

Megan Cooper takes the microphone from Lisa Evans and looks straight into the camera looking to send a message to Quinn.

Megan Cooper:
Quinn, you had better damn well make sure you don't lose my belt before I get my hands on you. I know you understand how much of a threat I am to your reign, you're running scared, I've beaten you once again and I'll happily do it one more time to bring back the belt that is rightfully mine. Don't you run away from me now, I'll keep knocking all these aspiring contenders back down the ladder until you have no choice but to give me a shot at the belt once again.

And Sampson, you want Quinn to lose that belt so much right? All you have to do is hand me a contract for a Title match and your bidding will be done. I'll walk into that ring, send Quinn the long road home and pin her shoulders to the mat for the count of three and Ferocity will once again have someone at the top who doesn't have to rely on a lackey to keep them there.

You know it's only a matter of time Quinn, hold onto that belt, keep it nice a shiny, because next time we face it'll be in a Championship Match and I'm bringing back home to Connecticut what is rightfully mine. Don't go running from me now pussycat.

Megan Cooper drops the microphone and walks out of the frame presumably towards the locker room, leaving Lisa Evans alone on the screen to signal the end of the segment.

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Re: Minor setbacks

Post by Maurie on Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:37 pm

Legendary Cooper promos as always

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