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Gen 7 Reborn

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Gen 7 Reborn

Post by GOAT_AV on Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:02 pm

After last week's Reality Wrassling ,
Willis Moon is being interviewed

Interviewer: Now Willis on the next fusion you will face the biggest challenge of your young carrer in Jacob Zielger, how do you plan on winning

Willis: It's not about winning, It's about proving that Gen-7 still...

But wait, You still think you deserve the Tag Team Title shot even after that quick loss to the ATL?

First of, WE didn't lose that match, Eddie cost us that match because he didn't help me, Now tell me if the Greatest Tag Teams in CMV's history had partners who stood there watching their partners getting pinned....
Didn't think so, I'll give Eddie the benefit of the doubt and say he made a mistake. This Time

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