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Career Suicide

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Career Suicide

Post by PREDICTION KING on Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:20 pm

And out comes the behemoth of a man, filled with a large amount of rage. His manager, Wade Flanagan covered in his shadow behind him as the two make their way down the ramp, refusing to pay any attention to the people in the crowd. The ring is theirs. The subject on everybody's mind is of course what had happened in the main event last week. Brody climbs over the top rope with Wade sliding in behind him. Wade reveals a microphone as he plants his feet firmly beside the Tower of Dominance.

Wade Flanagan
It's been a good amount of time now since my client has roamed the streets of UnMatched. Ever since the FIRST day you all laid eyes on him, he's dominated anybody put in front of him. Having a tremendous streak, and now standing here today, only having a measly four losses to his name. Only being pinned twice. That's impressive. Impressive enough to make him the number one contender to one of the TWO world championships on this show, surely. Yet that wasn't the case. Since he lost the triple threat, he was tossed aside. He was forgotten about. Tell me.....how the HELL do you forget about a three hundred plus, six foot ten MONSTER?? Brody Halleck is the most consistent and dominant force this company has ever seen and he was just forgotten about. So he took matters into his own hands. He felt he deserved a title shot. So he did what he had to do, to get that title shot. He took out Troy Voodoo, for the second time, and proceeded to earn himself a match against Quantum.

Wade shows off a scowl across his clean shaven face.

Wade Flanagan
Troy Voodoo is a cockroach. He refuses to die. His time here in CMV should be up, yet there he is, trying to step up to somebody bigger than him. Yet all you did Troy, was piss off the one man you NEVER want to piss off. You'd think you would of learned your lesson after King of the Ring. Or that beating you got two weeks ago. Yet there you were last week, making sure my client's hand wasn't raised. What did you think would happen after that? Huh? You think that we were just going to forget about you. Brody Halleck can do a LOT of things, but he doesn't, forget. He holds grudges. And right now, he wants to break you in half.

He looks up at Brody. Then at the ramp.

Wade Flanagan
So how about we stop wasting time. We can even skip the part where we snuff you out in the hole your hiding in. Come on out here and get what's coming to you. Face him!

Surely enough, they only have to wait a few seconds before the PA System lights up.

And out comes Troy Voodoo. With a microphone in one hand, and in the other, a lead pipe. He smiles, twirling the pipe around in his hand before stopping at the top of the ramp.

Troy Voodoo
Wade, shut the hell up for a second. I wanna talk to the big man real quick.

Brody steps up towards the ropes with a fierce look in his eyes.

Troy Voodoo
Unless you need daddy's permission first.

Brody doesn't bat an eye at the comment.

Troy Voodoo
Some can call me a psycho but i'm not afraid of you Brody.

He slowly walks down the ramp.

Troy Voodoo
Everybody else calls you a monster. A tower of dominance as your boy would put it. But the way I see it, you're just a man. A man who can be beaten. A man who can bleed. A man who can get his ass kicked. You attacked me after King of the Ring. Hurt me bad. Then you attacked me two weeks ago, costing me the world championship. You better BELIEVE i'm not gonna let that go. For too long you've walked around thinking you can just break shit and not have to pay for it. Well i'm the man who's gonna make you pay for it, bitch!

The last word triggers Brody. He raises his brows and shakes his head in anger. Yelling out something while Wade cuts in.

Wade Flanagan
Hey! You-

Troy Voodoo
WADE! Shut the fuck up. I'm not talking to you.

Wade lowers the microphone, swallowing his pride as Voodoo now reaches the bottom of the ramp. He steps right up to the apron, and looks up at Brody.

Troy Voodoo
I want you in a match Brody. In between those ropes, I wanna beat you. Knock you down off that big ass pedestal and show you first hand that you're standing in MY RING!

Wade walks up to Brody trying to discuss it with him, but without taking his eyes off of Voodoo, Brody snatches the microphone out of Wade's hand and raises it to his lips.

Brody Halleck

You're on!

And with that, he throws the microphone towards Voodoo who side steps. His smile widens as his theme hits the PA System once again and he begins to back up the ramp, never taking his eyes off of Brody. Both men refusing to break eye contact until finally, Troy vanishes into the backstage area and the show fades out into commercial.


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