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Blair vs Briggs 3

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Blair vs Briggs 3

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:29 am

After Amber Briggs’ match against Angelina Hawkins, with Briggs coming out the successor, the PA System begins playing and out comes Davina Blair, with a microphone in hand. She’s staring down Amber, blankly and observant.

Determination...Hustle….Work….Power. Something that these other “women” clearly don’t see in me. They may see a small Asian girl coming from a past that others may say is “cleshay” but on the inside, I’m a fighting champion, with or without that Hardcore Championship. Amber, you may claim to be this indomitable force running amuck around the Women’s Locker Room, but in honesty you are just a pawn. You got Kilq up your camel toe! You got management basically holding that championship up in the air while they have you dangling over these egos of the Women’s Division. And you may claim that you are THEE Champion, even a bigger champion than Quinn-Belle! But you are without a doubt the biggest pawn I’ve even seen. And I am willing to go the lengths with you to win THIS game. And to win THAT championship.

The crowd cheer on the Asian Born Superstar, who continues to blankly stare at the ring, at Amber and Xander.

I’ve beaten everyone in my path, singles or not. But you….you’re my kryptonite….Until Revelations. Revelations is going to be MY resolution! It is going to be my REDEMPTION against you and that championship’s RESOLUTION! And I will fight on my feet or die on my back and Amber, I don’t plan on giving in anytime at Revelations. So I’ll see you soon, Briggs.

And as Blair’s speech had ended, Davina dropped the mic and walked slowly away, into the back, leaving Amber Briggs and Xander Slate in the ring, while show went onto commercial break.

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