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Roles Reversed

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Roles Reversed

Post by Miztacular on Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:45 pm

Following the failed cheap shot from Kristen Page, Cooper leans over the ropes, taunting the current Money in the Bank winner with a smirk. Kristen on the other hand holds her head in rage, she turns around and begins to make her way back up the ramp in dismay, Cooper smiles at Kristen, waving her off before turning back to the crowd where she celebrates her big win over the current CMV Women's Undisputed Champion. While this is all going Kristen stops in her tracks on the ramp, something perhaps snapping inside that crazed head of hers, she turns around and begins to make her way back down the ramp towards the ring. Megan Cooper mistakenly turns her back on Kristen, looking to call for a microphone from the timekeepers area, however while her back is turned, Kristen sense the opportunity, delving under the ring looking for a chair. Cooper, now with a microphone in hand turns around to see Kristen standing across the ring from her, a steel chair in hand and a devilish look of insanity across her face. Cooper goes to strike first, but Kristen catches her in the stomach with a chair shot, grounding her on the mat. Cooper attempts to recover, but having just had a match she's slow to recuperate, allowing Kristen to catch her across the back with a second chair shot, laying her out for the time being. Kristen walks over to the downed body of Cooper and picks up her microphone.

Kristen Page:
You thinnnnk you could just ignore me!? Forget about ME!!!?

Kristen Page lets out a shrill laugh as she swings the Chair once again, cracking Cooper on the back with another brutal chair shot.

Kristen Page:
You thought I was just going to faaadde away!?

She continues to laugh at the excruciating screams of pain coming from the mouth of Cooper, raising the steel chair up into the air once again bringing it down to a loud thud across the back of the former CMV Women's Undisputed Champion.

Kristen Page:
Youuuu should know better then that!

Kristen lets out an enraged scream dropping the microphone momentarily so she can swing the chair full force over the downed body of cooper, over and over and over, crack after crack after crack. Each sickening blow more painful than the last. Kristen Page continues for what seems to be near enough a whole minute of repetitive chair shots until the chair becomes disfigured, unusable. Kristen throws the chair to the side and once again retrieves the microphone from the mat.

Kristen Page:
I’ve said it before, Megan. I'm obsessed! What happened at Unbreakable left me thinnnkkking for a lonnnnngggg time, Megan. I need another match. I need another chance to put you in the dirt, Megan. Every time I’m feeling down, my memories began to haunt me and I feel the cold hand of the reaper pulling me down. I become afraid. But then I remember your face… You’re face as you’re screaming in pain. After every hit. The exact face you have now. It Sooooths the soul, Megan. Just give me the chance to bury the hatchet inside of your skull hahahahahaha!

Kristen rolls Cooper over onto her back and crouches down besides her, smiling, glaring into Cooper's dazed face with her crazed eyes for a brief moment before standing back up to her feet, she drops the microphone back to the mat once again and makes her way out of the ring as her theme blares throughout the PA system, on her way back up the ramp she passes the Women's Undisputed Champion, Quinn-Belle on her way, giving her a slight look, a maniacal smile while Quinn who is still wincing in Pain, holding her arm glares back, clutching hold of her Championship. Kristen simply shakes her head and walks on up the ramp. But before she can head to the back she's interrupted by a weak voice.

Megan Cooper:
C...Cut the music.

Kristen Page raises an eyebrow, stopped in her tracks, she turns around to see Cooper, staggering back to her feet, clutching for dear life onto the ropes. Kristen, for perhaps the first time in her career looks down upon the ring in absolute shock that Cooper is able to even stand after that beating.

Megan Cooper:
It's... Gonna take a.. a lot more than a couple of chair shots.. To put me down Kristen. YOU should know that. Because like I said, every time we clash Kristen... Every single time. I'm the one who walks out with their hand raised.

Cooper pushes herself off the ropes, standing tall in the ring to a pop from the crowd. Kristen on the other hand takes a step back, looking down upon the ring in horror, her mind shrouded with confusion as to how Cooper can stand. Cooper notices this, and lets out a slight smile while wincing in pain.

Megan Cooper:
I really am in your head aren't I... I've never seen you so scared in your life. What's the matter Kristen? Not used to being on the other side of your mind games, and look, you've got nobody to run to, nobody to gain clarity from, because you abandoned the one person who always kept you in check. You abandoned Sunshine to pursue your own goals and now here you are, scared and alone. As much as you say you'll never stop until you get the chance to fight me again. I know that leaving you to sit on this hurts you mentally more than you can ever hurt me physically.

I think what hurts you the most is the fact that you know I don't need you. I've beaten you every time we've fought, and I just beat the Champ. Fighting you would be a step backwards, and that's what scares you the most isn't it? That there's a chance you may never get a chance to redeem yourself, and that you'll forever be obsessed. Maybe I should do just that. Let you sit on it. It's what you deserve.

Kristen's eyes widen, her face droops in horror, while Cooper in the ring smiles at the sight of Kristen trembling in fear, she shakes her head in pity before continuing on.

Megan Cooper:
Ha. You deserve a taste of your own medicine Kristen, last time we fought, it was you in my head, and me unable to control my emotions, fuelled by nothing but obsessive rage, oh how the times have change, however this time, all the chips are in my corner. But, let me tell you this. If you really want that rematch, if you really want a chance to relieve yourself of this obsession. You need to make it worth my time, and I think I have an idea for how you can do that. You see while I have just beaten the Champion, I'll probably need to wait a month, go through a contenders match and the like, I'd much rather like to have my Title Match on my own terms. So how about this Kristen. I have something you want, you have something I want. This Sunday, you get the chance to earn that win back, to feel freedom once again, but on the flip side, if I win.... You lose your Money in the Bank contract..


Cooper drops the microphone and limps her way over towards the ropes again, leaning over them as her theme hits the PA System once again. She looks over to the stage, her eyes locked on Kristen Page who looks back in anger, her mind racing, considering both options, and with a menacing look on her face she looks directly back at Megan Cooper, simply nodding her head, agreeing to the stipulation before the camera begins to fade to black, leaving the duo locked in the midst of an intense stare down.

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