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When Godz Roam the Streets

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When Godz Roam the Streets

Post by Maurie on Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:20 am

The live event closes up, and outside of the building is Curtis Heist waiting to pick up Anthony Brown. Heist looks in the rear view mirror as some tall, hot blonde lady starts to walk across the street. Heist licks his pinky and index fingers to fix his eyebrows. He smells his breath, but by his reaction, you can tell it wasn’t minty fresh. He downs a pack of tic-tacs to refresh the smell. Heist then goes on to spit game by lowering his window halfway.

Aye yo Ma, lemme get yo number.

The blonde chick starts to walk back to the car. Heist lowers his window some more.

What do you want?

I was wondering if you was tryna come hang with an CMV official wrestler.

Hmmm, maybe.

Well if you aren’t sure now, maybe this will change your mind.

Curtis starts to flex his guns and she’s stunned by his strength. As it seems Heist has it in the bag, there’s always somebody to mess things up. A bloody-nosed Anthony Brown starts to approach the car.

Big Curt! Yo, let’s hit it before my face starts to look like a Joey Bacon pizza.

Oh, you didn’t tell me you had kids.

Kids? No, that’s just my dumbass brother.

She walks off as Anthony knocks on the other side of the car for Curtis to open the door.


What the hell are you wearing, Slim Jesus? You look like every boy band in the 2000s. Get in the car Timberlake.

Wow, somebody seems friendly today. Wonder why.

You just blew my chances with that thot. You need some new clothes badly. This is a whole new level of trash.

Sorry, we all don’t wear the same tank top every week.

IT’S MY LUCKY SHIRT. Why do you only have one pants leg rolled up?

For less restriction. Wrestling tights make me claustrophobic. You still haven’t even wrestled 10 matches in your career.

You haven’t even won 10.


Look who learned to swear today, you little shit.

You know what, fuck it, I’ll take the city bus.

There’s probably a height requirement. Haha, height requirement.

Oh how funny. I’ll just ignore you for a minute.

Anthony Brown plays with the radio until he finds a song that he enjoys. He finally finds a song to satisfy his musical needs.

Heist scolds him and plugs in his aux cord. Heist plays a song more of his style.

See this is what music should sound like. Not whatever that wack ass Bruno shit was.

When was the last time Chief Keef was relevant? 2014? Fuck outta my face.

Anthony snatches Curtis’ phone and changes tha song. Curtis tries to pay attention to the road. Brown plays something to was the mood.

Anthony starts to do the choreography to the song in his seat. Curtis grabs his phone back and starts to change the song, but unknowingly starts to swerve on the road. Behind him, sirens blare and they’re signaled to pull over to the side of the road. The Cop leaves his car to confront them as Curtis and Anthony begin to plot and scheme.

Switch seats with me.


I don’t have my license.

What? Why are you even driving then?

Don’t worry about all that. You got your license?

Anthony checks his pockets and only finds a bag of gummy bears that h starts to snack on.

No license, but we got a road snack.

Curtis lets his head fall backward in disappointment onto the seat.

We’re fucking doomed.

The cop finally makes his conveniently  long walk to the car that lets him reach the car as soon as they’re done talking. Curtis rolls down the window.

License and registration please.

Curtis knows he doesn’t have it, but proceeds to act as if he can’t find it. The officer asks Curtis to exit the car and he does. Anthony leaves out the other side of the car to see what’s going on. Curtis is getting padded down but the policeman grows annoyed by Anthony leaving the vehicle.

Don’t worry kid, we’ll get you back to your mommy soon.

Bitch do I look like a kid? I am a fully gro- I’m an adult. Don’t disrespec the name Anthony Brown.

Sir please, get back in the vehicle.

Just let em go already. We got places to be.

Like I said, return to your-

Mid sentence, the officer is cut off when Curtis reverses positions to put the cop in a rear arm bar. Curtis pushes the cop towards Anthony who nails him with his signature roundhouse kick. The officer falls backward as Heist caves in his face with The Hashtag. His partner exits his car and runs towards them both. Heist catches him while running into a flapjack as, on the other side of the car, Anthony catches him into a cutter onto the car. With both the policemen down, they get back into the car, not a word spoken about what just happened.

Wanna go get tacos?

Yep, tacos.

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