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What are you going to do afterwards?

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What are you going to do afterwards?

Post by Childish Meltzer on Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:02 am

Quarantine has long since ended. The people who set up the ring have taken it down.The arena has been emptied. The glitz and pomp of a Pay-Per-View has now since passed. With his gear bag in his hand and a pair of shades to cover up his bruised eyes, DSD is wheeling his way towards the parking garage. He's got a slight limp and each step is a painful endeavor. As DSD is wheeling away, his mind thinking on the events that occurred in the match, he hears the sound of somebody calling his name. DSD lets out a sigh and keeps it moving but of course, Lisa Evans is able to catch up to him for a late night interview. Lisa catches her breath, mic in hand, while DSD stops and turns to her letting out a deeper sigh as Lisa Evans is fixing her hair, ready to try and squeeze in one last interview. DSD's mouth opens to say something but Evans jumps in to kick off this impromptu interview.

Lisa Evans
So D'Angelo, obviously a tough night tonight. Do you have any...thoughts I suppose on a disappointing night?

Well why is it disappointing?

Lisa Evans
Well tonight, you faced Ricky Spanish and you lost, after a blindside attack from COH's Tone White and was then assaulted even more by both men with chair shots, some would say you were humiliated


DSD offers up a little shrug. Evans pauses for a minute and tilts her head, his tongue running across her bottom lip as she tries to process the response from DSD. With a little nervous chuckle, she begins to talk again, trying to get this interview back into some kind of direction.

Lisa Evans
I mea....

DSD cuts her off

Let me explain something, I guess. Let me be crystal clear with you. I'm not disappointed in tonight. I'm not going to stand here and feel SORRY for myself. I'm hurting. Emotionally and physically, My head is pounding from a headache, my muscles ache from myalgia and my clothes are wrinkled while being scented with sweat, I feel like a zombie due to a lack of sleep. I'm not going to lie. I've worn myself out these last few months. I've spent more time in the gym than I ever have before. I'm probably in both the best and worst shape of my life. My physique has never seen better days but my health... my body has been worn out. I'm aware of all of these facts, I'm aware that everything I'm doing to myself is unhealthy.  I'm hurting deep down. I feel the pain that comes with losing and while I'm not undefeated, never have claimed to be, this one stung just a little bit more. And you know what? I'm not going to be a guy who stands here and says that this is something like, I don't know, like I slipped on a banana peel or like I fell on my face or anything like that. I lost. I got my ass kicked tonight and while I GAVE an ass whooping,but I felt like I wasn't prepared during the match itself. And after recently pushing myself as hard as I have I've come to this realization that... I've never been prepared.

DSD takes a big deep breath and shakes his head slowly perhaps even defiantly. With a finger raised up the camera, DSD continues to speak and now the fire is even brighter and burning hotter.

Yeah, I feel like trash right now. I could use a painkiller. More sleep. My body retracted itself and forced me into an unconscious state. No major injuries, just a bumps and a bruises. But... my body tried to secure itself by going into a weakened state. What the hell was wrong with me, I thought. And now... now I realize. That every bit of hard work hasn't been enough to prove myself. To you, the audience. To Ricky, to Tone... to no one. So there's one of two things I can do here, Lisa. I can say that "Well it just wasn't good enough and so it'll never be good enough." I can accept defeat as a sign from a higher power that there's simply no way I'll be the man I once was. I can look at that loss and just....I can quit! END OF! I CAN QUIT! I CAN QUIT TRYING! I CAN QUIT DOING THE VERY THING I LOVE AND ACCEPT THAT IT'S PASSED ME BY! ACCEPT THAT MY LIFE AND MY PASSION IS NO LONGER WHAT I WANT IT TO BE! I can quit and quitting, Lisa, quitting is the easiest option. It takes nothing to give up. If you're willing to consider giving up then you're long past the point of pride anyways.....

Lisa Evans goes to say something but DSD just gives her a look and talks right through whatever she was hoping to get out. He's rolling now.

Or, I can do option two. I can acknowledge that Ricky Spanish is in one sentence, a confused insecurity mentally fractured emotionally stunted VERY very sad fraud of a human being. . I can acknowledge that tonight I gave a boy one hell of a scrap. I can look at myself, be proud in what I tried to accomplish tonight. I can sit back and say "I got a bad ass kicking tonight but I gave one too" and re-evaluate myself as I look towards Contingency which is oh-four, six weeks away from now. And I get to face another fraud insecure man in Tone White in the headline match of the evening... Ha. So at this moment, I have nothing but pity for Tone White, because here is this... crossover talent. A grizzled-young-veteran, thinks he's one of the greats because he's already consider a future hall of famer and I’ve seen the tapes and the people will say in the ring he’s going to be the greatest test I’ve had in awhile, and that’s saying something considering the lot of guys I’ve found myself across from in the ring with as of late. But if anyone is willing to collude with a guy like Spanish just tells a lot about their character and Tone you're an adult who has been having a mid life crisis since and an existentialist crisis since you were old enough to form sentences. I'm secure. I'm confident. You? What are you going to do if a guy like me, someone you for some reason believe to be below you beats you, Tone? You came out here and showed your cards and they all read that you are scared... understand this whether it's JUST you or me or whether it's you, me and Spanish or WHATEVER the damn story is----I'm coming to win. And the question isn't no longer if you are doing enough to do anything about it. The question is what are you going to do afterwards? You can shelter yourself away and pretend to be the best but you will always know who the true best is no matter how many brass rings you grab....

There's no reply from Evans as she realizes that this "interview" is now over. As DSD scoffs just calmly walks off. The last thing we see is the shocked look on Lisa Evans' face.


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Re: What are you going to do afterwards?

Post by Tone White on Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:55 pm

"As Tone White and Ricky Shake hands, Tone runs into Lisa Evans. She looks a bit flustered as she has just came from her interview with DSD"

Lisa Evans

"Tone White, You came into CMV unannounced, You attacked DSD and helped Ricky Spanish secure the win. Why would you help Ricky, And why would you attack DSD?"

Tone White

"First of all, Yes my name is Tone White, you got that correct! GREAT JOB! But to you and everyone else in CMV it's Mr.White, In fact your longer needed, Get out of here"

Lisa Evans looks disgusted as she walks away.

Tone White

"DSD I want you to understand that when I decide to do something, I make my presence known! You are Mr.CMV regardless of what everyone says, You the big fish in this small pond. Tonight was a message, Tonight was a statement. You have no earthly idea what your stepping into the ring with. I am the best athlete that you have ever faced In your entire life. I don't make predictions, Quite the opposite, I provide spoilers.

"So spoiler alert! At Contingency, I'm gonna make you quit wrestling

Spoiler alert! I'm going to embarrass you more than Ricky did, And as a side note Ricky, You got big things ahead, Great talent!

Spoiler alert, And this is the final one. When you realize what I did to you after Contingency, You will speak these words out of your mouth.

"My name is D'Angelo Saint Daniels, And Tone White just made me his bitch"!

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