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Fought Like a Champion

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Fought Like a Champion

Post by Mr. Dashing on Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:49 pm

Elijah limps down the hallway, one hand on the back of his head and the other placed on his lower back. With every step he groans, showing the true wounds of what was most definitely a war between he and Guri Sukanov tonight, where Eli lost his Alpha World title just days after finally getting it back. As a fighting champion he took the risk of putting his belt on the line tonight, and he fought like hell, but The Russian Ogre simply had more to give. He turns a corner, seeing Cass LaFave's office door, he hears voices coming from inside, one male and the other female, arguing ... He listens for only a second before knocking gently and waiting to hear, "come in!" before doing so. He sees Cass behind her desk, standing with both hands on her chair, and on the other side of the table is Bob Luger. The Work Ethic Titan throws his head back laughing, Stewart wiping a bead of sweat dripping down his face from his hairline. LaFave motions for him to come in, while Luger continues to laugh, pointing at The Good Vibes Kid with his index finger ...

And here he is! The great Elijah Stewart! Oh boy, how long was that, what, five days!?

Longer than yours was-

He grabs at his ribs in pain, that comment visibly got under Bob's skin but he brushes it off, turning to Cass with venom in his words.

This child shouldn't have even been in that title match at Exodus, and tonight proved it! Now, instead of throwing me in some dumb and pointless battle royal, how about you give me my rightful one on one title match! I don't give a damn if that big Russian idiot has the belt, I'll beat his ass easy!

Eli lets a laugh slip out under his breath, Luger hears it and turns his attention towards his foe.

That's funny huh, boy? From what I just saw out there, you have no room to be saying anything at all. Why are you even in here? To ask for a rematch? Forget it! You've had your shot and FAILED, now it's my turn!

I have my rematch clause ...

Bob scoffs and turns to Cass.

NO! No, no, no, no, NO!

LaFave sits down in her chair with an illuminated expression on her face, like she just had an idea pop into her head.

Okay you know what, I'm hearing the both of you right now ... You both want and have valid reasons as to why you should be next in line for the championship. Elijah, you fought like a champion out there tonight-

No, a REAL champion would have retained his title!

And Bob, you never did get your one on one rematch against MLP .... And even though what you did to my son ... Was, well .... Besides that, I promised to remain impartial and I'm going to stick to that. So I have an idea, you both want the title? You have your valid reasons, right? Well, I'll give you both the chance at Validation ... The chance to prove that you're the rightful number one contender ... But we'll mix it up a bit, tensions are high, Bob you have your KLIQ brothers watching your back, right? Well then you can bring 'em with you, and Eli you can find yourself three partners too ... A four versus four elimination tag team match and the winning team will earn their captain the opportunity that you both crave so much ...

Stewart winces as he nods his head up and down, game for the challenge, while Luger shakes his head.

Typical, making me jump through hoops! You know what, no, I refuse! I want my-

How about a cherry on top ... If your team wins ... I'll submit to The KLIQ, I'll join you and get out of your way for good ...

Cass seems a bit taken off guard by Eli's proposal, whereas Bob thinks for a moment and then smiles with sinister intentions, extending his hand out towards the Good Vibes Kid to shake on the deal.

Okay ... Okay, kid, you got yourself a deal ...

Stewart swallows his pride and puts his hand alongside Bob's, sealing his fate as there's no backing out now.

You'll like life with us ... And maybe I'll even let you shine the belt when I win it back ...

He laughs a few times on his way out of the office, leaving Eli to fall into the chair next to him, the pain becoming too much to endure. Cass sighs, calling in the doctor as the scene fades on Stewart contemplating whether or not he just made the right choice, or the worst mistake of his life.

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Re: Fought Like a Champion

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:53 pm

I like the stipulation

Looking forward to who Stewart picks

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Re: Fought Like a Champion

Post by Maurie on Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:02 pm

You promo’d nicely as Elijah. Great promo. Looking forward to this match.

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Re: Fought Like a Champion

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