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This is how The Kliq dies

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This is how The Kliq dies

Post by HardlineOyster on Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:29 pm

After the humiliating count out loss to Borton, Marcantel is destroying everything at ringside, to the matted floor, to the announcers table, to even Dashings Mountain Dew. He then motions for a mic and enters the ring as Borton has already made his way backstage.

BORTON!!! BORTON!!! THERE'S NO WAY IN FUKIN HELL, YOU'RE GOING TO BEAT ME LIKE THAT!!! HELL NO!!! That display of cowardice right there just showed me, that all The Kliq is, is a bunch....of....little....pussy...ass chickens. Borton you were afraid to face me one on one, because you knew the moment we looked each other in the eyes before the match, that I would beat you, and eviscerate you. And here I thought that little weasel, Rhys Mathews was the weak link, but I was wrong. The Kliq, have just been pissing me off since day one of the season. The moment these old cripples banded together, they had title shots they didn't deserve. I don't give a damn if you guys are future Hall of Famers, no one can take away future opportunities, or make a fool out of me. And since you old farts have done both of those things, then you probably won't see this as a problem but it will be Soon. "Kliq", you have made an enemy......out of me. And for those who love or hate The Kliq, you shall witness how The Kliq dies.

The End,
.           By, Hardline


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