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Kingdom of Destruction XXIll: A King's Reign Continue

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Kingdom of Destruction XXIll: A King's Reign Continue

Post by HellishxHades on Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:49 am

As Unmatched returns from commercial break we find George King and The Kingdom in the throne room. A man is seen in the background looking similar to Raiden from NGW, is placing a photo of Chet Taylor laying on his back, George one foot on him, and the European Championship raised high up in the air. As he finishes he bows at the feet on George King, before taking his leave. George was sitting on his throne, that familiar smirk hidden underneath his thick beard. Joe Dirte on the right,
and Max Rider on the left of him. He leans back, his head barely underneath the European Championship, which is on top of the throne.

George King:
Three peasants are added. A couple of Big Boys, and Chet Taylor himself. As the King of CMV, I here by issue a decree to be heard across the land. I decree that My Kingdom and My Title Reign is better than anything other. You see, I am gonna reign as European Champion until I get tired of looking at this here belt. And news flash, it still as intrigues my curiosity, and intrigues me into shine. So that is sad news for who ever thinks that they can take my Championship.

He sits up. And looks into the camera from a closer angle.

My reign is the current greatest reign in CMV. It's better than Sunshine's Global Championship reign. It's better than Quantom's World Championship reign, and of course it's better than Tops Newsome Television Championship reign. Speaking of which, I heard that tonight me and Tops are facing off. Well, I guess I be adding another peasant to our Kingdom, boys.

Both Joe and Max let out a chuckle.

After I make Tops Newsome bend the Knee to The HIGH KING OF CMV, I think since I proven my worth, my next challenger should be better than that choking fool, Chet Taylor.
But I will digress from that. But Mr. Sampson, I think it would only be fair to let my boys get some revenge on Syndicate's Aaron Waite and Cody Douglas, seeing that they committed treason towards the Kingdom by attacking them from behind,
and costing them their match.

George leans back in his throne, and laughs.

To think, that such insects would be such a pest.
What a shame. I was actually looking forward to adding them to my collection of peasant. What ever, Zachary! Fetch me a steak. And after my match I expect a case of beer in hear. Do you understand me.

A man that looked similar to Zach Smith rushes in, bows real quick and hurries off to fetch George King's Steak. And as he leaves the room, we see the Kingdom staring at the camera as the screen fades to black.


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