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Post by HellishxHades on Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:59 pm

As Genesis comes back from commercial break, we find Jon pacing back and forth in a dark room with a fading light in the background. He has that devilish smirk across his face, as he stops and looks into the camera.

Jon Reed:
I did not go away Turner. You didn't beat me out of Reed. You didn't beat me. You beat a vessel that is at fifty percent. You see it's feels strange being in control of this body.
I still getting use to it. I am slowly regaining my strength. Dave...

He starts to laugh in a demonic tone.

You see Dave, you want to beat me out of this man.
You want me out of this vessel. I been around longer than you. I been here since the beginning. I was God's favorite. I witnessed it all. I witnessed Noah surviving the flood. I help free Fenrir from his chains to start Ragnorak. I gave Hades a palace. I was aboard the Titanic. I was in the Twin Towers. I was at the beginning and the end. I was cast from my home when I got to curious and let darkness reign in my soul. Traveling from vessel to vessel. And Turner believe it or not me and you have pass paths before. And trust me, the next time we meet, I will be the one coming out on top.

He begins to laugh demonically again.

Tonight. Tonight, I start my raise to the top. And tonight marks the beginning of the End of Dave Turner.

The Light begins to fade to complete darkness, but as it does we see that devilish smirk grow on his face.


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