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An Imperfect Heist

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An Imperfect Heist

Post by Maurie on Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:48 pm

UnMatched comes back from commercial break and Curtis Heist makes his scheduled TV debut on the “A show.” He receives a surprising reaction from the crowd that shows a mixture of boos, but just barely, mostly cheers. His presence is certainly recognizable. Heist gets his little minute of fame in and refocuses himself back to business.

Curtis Heist
Alright, listen. I hear y’all out here cheering ya boy, so imma let these ugly fucks in the frontrow slide tonight on the roast. It’s the summertime. So I came out here to give you the same message that I gave them Fusion kids. It’s been rumored that my long lost brother, whoever the hell that could be, is on this roster. Not only that, but he’s a former CHAMPION on this roster. SO, I came out here to make a little arrangement. I have a proposal.

Heist pauses between sentences to properly layout his sentence.

Curtis Heist
Whoever this brother may be, it’s been years. So why have us come together, and form a tag team!

Heist nods and the crowd cheers in excitement to the mystery of who Heist could be teaming with on UnMatched.

Curtis Heist
Hell yeah! Now let’s get it on. Who is it? DSD? Novak? Marko? Let’s go man. Who is it?

A silence fills the arena as Heist waits for the his champion of a brother to make his way down the ring. The excitement keeps him waiting. He grows more and more anxious of his big deal of a brother and possible partner. A few more shallow seconds go by when his brother finally makes himself known.

Anthony Brown bursts through the curtains, jumping up and down in excitement. He’s beside himself. He runs down the ramp and starts running laps around the ring. Curtis Heist facepalms in reaction to this disappointment. The crowd is hysterical. Brown climbs the apron and jumps over, tripping over the top rope and tries to walk off the fact he has just fell face first. Brown starts dancing in circles around Heist. Randomly, he jumps on Heist’s back. Curtis opens his eyes and ungrips Brown’s fingers.

What the fuck is this? You are most definitely not MY brother.


Plus I was promised a former champion. The fuck are you supposed to be?

Actually, I’m a former television champion.

Curtis Heist
Sure kid, and how the hell are we even related?

I was adopted when I was 11. Y’all couldn’t handle this.

Anthony follows that sentence up with some break dancing. Heist sighs and can’t help but stop Brown from further embarrassing himself. He grabs Brown by the color of his shirt and lifts him from the ground. Heist then proceeds to scold Brown and shrugs his shoulders.

Curtis Heist

Well shit, fuck it. I guess we can do this shit. I just quit my other job.

I won’t disappoint you big bro.

Heist leaves the ring and Brown continues to dance and cheer to himself. His theme plays as the commercial fades on.

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