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Through Hell

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Through Hell

Post by "The Mad Oyster" Hardline on Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:27 pm

After the hellacious war between Chris Andrews and Marcantel, the Hellhound is seen backstage with his Bane mask off, but his face still covered in blood and accompanied by an interviewer
Marcantel me and the whole CMV Universe just witnessed a war for the ages between you and Chris Andrews. It was definitely a fight more than just your regular match we are usually presented with here in CMV, but how do you feel after your loss tonight?

I.....went through Hell tonight, and I brought Andrews with me. And I still lost, which I think is a sign. I think that me losing tonight, was just a way of telling me that I'm going down the wrong path, in other words International title shouldn't be my priority right now, and neither is the Anarchy championship. Which leaves only one title left, the Alpha World Title. Now here's the problem with that, it's pretty obvious that if I set my sights on the Alpha World Title, then I will be in the crosshairs of the Kliq. The Kliq already have the tag team titles, and it won't be long before they have every damn title on Genesis, but when that happens, I will gladly take it off their hands, or hell if I get the title before they do, well I guess I can just tell them, Good luck taking it away from me. The Kliq can't stop me, and if they don't want any conflict from me they will stay out of my damn way if they know what's good for them.

Marcantel then continues to eye the camera as the segment cuts to an end

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