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The Final Heist

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The Final Heist

Post by Maurie on Mon Dec 18, 2017 8:59 pm

Percy is stretchered out of the arena onto an ambulance after having his neck being almost snapped during the match. The shockwave from the spin-out back suplex was too much to come back from and just enough to keep him down for good. He was conscious, but immobile. While he’s being removed from the ring, Heist lets out frustrated screams, slaps the ropes, and ultimately every possible sign of annoyance. He rolls under the bottom rope to stare down the timekeeper. Grabbing him by under the armpit and the top of the head to toss him into the ring post. Heist then picks up the microphone that would’ve been passed to him. Curtis makes his way back into the ring and leans against the rope while speaking.

You know, it’s funny that this bitchass Percy is so damn trash his body even quit on him. Bet his ass come back in a wheelchair with his ole Professor X lookin ass. I’m on yo head now. Crippled ass dude. You know what fuck you and this waste of a time, Best of Five Series. I ain’t need either. And this couldn’t have happened at a better time. I’m done with this Fusion shit. I was talking with my folks not too long ago. Yeah, turns out I have a brother on UnMatched. Not only that, they told me, he was a former CHAMPION. Oh so fuck all of you. Curtis is goin’ up to the big leagues bitches.

Curtis concludes his run on Fusion by throwing the mic on the head of the timekeeper that he nearly destroyed earlier. His music plays and that is the last of Curtis Heist.

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