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War of Queens

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War of Queens

Post by Solaris Arc on Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:36 pm

Ferocity began as any other, the intro played, the pyro blasted, but no one came out to start off the show. Instead, the titantron flashed on to a shot of Amy Winters, displaying her IC Title proudly on her shoulder. She smiled softly as fans cheered her name.

Winters: Hello everyone. Welcome back to another wonderful episode of Ferocity! I hope you're prepared for tonight.

The fans cheered out "yes" over and over, but Winters soon silenced them by speaking up once more.

Winters: Sadly, I cannot make this message short and sweet for you guys. I have a lot of things to get off my chest. Ferocity is slowly beginning to change... Gone are the days of there being only one Queen of CMV. Now, there are many people who claim to be "Queens".

Such a title has caused such great conflict in human history, wars and men have died so that their 'Queen' can claim supremacy over all others. Sadly, this conflict will come to the CMV soon... Which is why I'm officially putting my name at the top as CMV's true Queen.

She slowly set her title down, readjusting her hair before speaking once more.

Winters: However, that is not my main concern tonight... Tonight is a match of a lifetime for me as I go against Jade Dynamite. To say that I am nervous would be an understatement, but I still have enough confidence in my ability that I can take on Jade. And if I can beat her tonight, I can prove my claim as the rightful Killer Queen of the CMV...

But that isn't my final issue, no... That would be my next title defense... I'm still unsure of who I am going all against, but it will not be the easiest match for me to go into. I will be fighting several other talented Vixens, not just for my title but for a chance to go home and defend the title in front of my own people. The great people of London...

Winters picked her title back up, smiling softly.

Winters: I'm ready for whatever is thrown at me... Ladies and Gentlemen... Enjoy the show!


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Re: War of Queens

Post by Miztacular on Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:24 pm

-Later on in the evening-

The crowd is ready and waiting for this fire co-main event coming up next. However before the Co-Main Event can get underway, we're met by the familiar theme of one Jade Dynamite hitting the PA system to a roar of energy from the crowd. All of whom rise to their feet in appreciation for the first ever CMV Women's Champion.

Moments pass until out she comes from the back, a little earlier than we'd expected due to her being booked in tonights Main Event against the current Women's Intercontinental Champion, Amy Winters. Jade Dynamite stands at the top of the ramp where she spreads her arms out wide in time with the dimming lights. After a few seconds go by, the lights come back on and Dynamite looks around the arena with a smile on her face, feeling the love from this packed arena. Dynamite nods her head, thankful for the reception she's receiving as she begins to walk down the ramp a warm grin on her face as she passes the fans on the ramp. Dynamite begins to make her way around the ring towards the timekeepers area to retrieve a microphone before entering the ring. She walks across the ring to the corner where she climbs the turnbuckle pads. Standing there as she looks over the crowd, trying to contain her happiness with her patented cold stare, however it slips out ever so slightly as her cold stare breaks into a smile, giving the crowd a rare sign of happiness from the former Champion. After savouring the moment, she steps down from the turnbuckles, turning to the hard camera to which she speaks.

Jade Dynamite:
In just two weeks time at Revelations, the moment I have been waiting for since Showdown almost a year ago comes to fruition. When I get my one on one rematch with the very person who cost me 8 months of my career. After a sever spinal injury that required surgery. Here I am, back and rejuvenated. I've gone on in the past about how that injury, and that time away changed my perspective on this business. Tonight, as I made my way down to the ring moments ago I felt it once again, that buzz, that rush of energy. I felt the emotion of the crowd and it is what continues to drive me forward. But, while this is the new me, the new Jade Dynamite. The goal is still the same, I am back to rebuild my empire. Re-initiate the dynasty. Reclaim my division. Defeating Samantha Steel in two weeks time is the first step I have to take in order to do that. Because in order to truly start anew. I have to cut all ties with the past. You see Steel, for most of your career you've been dominant, you've been really hard to put down, but when the going gets tough and you face a tough, healthy opponent. You've always fallen short. You only have to look as far back as your bout with Cooper at Takeover to realise this. You went out of your way to injure my back to try and propel yourself to stardom with the biggest win of your career, only when you got there you realised you couldn't do that to everybody and you fell back down. It was that moment Steel. That moment when you made the biggest mistake of your life. The moment you injured my spine, the moment you tried to end my career. A fuse was lit, a timebomb started ticking, the fuse was oh so long... But next Sunday. It comes to an end and I cannot wait to close this chapter of my life with a boom.

Dynamite opens her free and imitating an explosion with it as the crowd begin chanting her name around the arena. "Dy-na-mite" over and over. Causing her to once again let off a smile, almost overcome with emotion, Dynamite continues on.

Jade Dynamite:
See Steel, this time you're not facing a selfish Dynamite, a Dynamite that's only fighting for her ego, you're going to come against a Dynamite with drive, I'll be fighting for something bigger than myself. I'm out here looking to reclaim order in this Division. To reclaim the aura it once had. This is no longer about me, and that's something I learned during my time away, while you, you still dwell in the past, thinking only about yourself. That'll be your downfall. You're just one small step in my road back to the top, but this time it'll be different. The Dynamite Division of the new era will not be the same as old, no longer will I come out here with one thing on my mind, me. I will come out here with the thoughts and emotion of everybody in the CMV Universe, driving me forward, driving me to be better than I ever could, this Dynamite Division is not just my division.

It is our Division.

Jade Dynamite closes her eyes, leaning backwards as she spreads her arms out. Allowing the crowd to chant her name, once again letting out a rare smile. After letting the crowd do their thing for a moment she resets, once again raising the microphone to her mouth and continues on.

Jade Dynamite:
But first, in tonights Main Event, as voted on by the fans, I must step toe to toe with the current CMV Women's Intercontinental Champion. Amy Winters. I have nothing but respect for Amy, the speed she has risen through the rankings reminds me of myself way back at the start of all this. Unlike a lot of the Vixens around here, I'm not scared of the future. I've seen newcomers come and go and I've outlasted all of them. This'll be another round of newcomers that come and go, but I'll still be here. Except. From what I've seen, I see potential in my opponent tonight. She could one day be at the top of this Division should she keep her act together. Of all the first time matchups I've had recently, this'll be one of the ones I'm more excited about, because I know this won't be for nothing. This'll be the first of many. I could see myself and Winters colliding for the big one at somepoint, and that's what makes tonights Main Event even more important for me. The old me would come out here, talk some trash and walk into that main event with the intent on hurting Winters. Winning by any means. But tonight. I'm looking to steal the show with Winters and pick up the win as I continue on my journey to reclaiming some order in this division. Winters tonight. Steel in two weeks, within a few months that belt will be mine and in the process, Sampsons idea of this new guard agenda will be diminished. There's no replacing the people who brought you there. But back on track, Winters. Don't let me down, lace those boots and bring your best tonight!

-Open to Sol

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