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Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

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Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:21 pm

*Before Fusion Jack makes his way down to the ring with his belt* Jack: I am the new champ and you can hate all you want but it won't change anything. Anyway Yume you Japanese moron, You attacked me so lucky you, In 2 weeks I have to defend this belt so your the next one to tap sumo. Anyway I don't think you brats are taking in my glory like you should so I DEMAND I be entered into the KOTR qualification matches for next week so I am busy. And just a quick heads up. Kendall Wolfe if you are LHC at the end of 4 weeks when I cash in the Rising Star Titles contract, the only thing your going to do after that is TAP. Now for you fucking pigs in attendance I am leaving now for my sake. I am going to make Yume tap, Wolfe tap, and half the roster tap. Nobody will touch me in just a few months because I am THE BEST in this company and no "star" can say otherwise.


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