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だから始まる "So it Begins.."

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だから始まる "So it Begins.."

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:05 pm

After the awaited battle between Jaquan Shay and Matsuda Tanaka at Exodus, Matsuda is seen standing above Shay holding his side as Shay lays in defeat. Matsuda looking down onto his opponent, he then walks away signaling for the microphone. Matsuda walking back towards Shay who is still seen on the mat, Matsuda crouches by Shay swaying the mic back and forth. Matsuda proceeds to speak

Shay... You fought.. You fought well.. Not enough to conceal Tanaka.

The crowd begin to cheer on throughout the arena.

oko no jikan ga chōdo hajimattanode, koreha CMV ringu de watashi ni au saigo no monode wa arimasen. Takaka kara no rokkārūmu de no chimei-tekina tamashī wa arimasen. Chimei-tekina tamashī wa Tanaka ni osore o ataemasen.

Matsuda smirking, adjusting his wild colorful hair as the crowd is heard chanting WHAT? towards Matsuda.


CMV... Get ready.. You boys in the locker room... Have a lot to say about.. Tanaka *chuckles* Their time.. Their time will come.. Watashi wa watashi no hantai-sha no subete o yasuma seru yō ni shimasu. Watashi wa watashi no hantai-sha ni wa hansei o hyōmei shimasen. Watashi wa shōrai-teki ni wa sō shimasen. CMV, Jaquan Shay. Kore wa anata ni subete no keikoku o sa sete, Tanaka wa anata ga naze koko ni shozoku shite iru ka o shōmei shimasu!

Matsuda stands back up staring down Shay, then spreads his right arm out.


CMV! The shot.. Has been fired... No man.. Is.. SAFE... *Drops mic*

Matsuda quickly rolls out the ring, the Exodus crowd cheers on Tanaka as he walks off the stage. Tanaka made sure his warning shot was heard, will any of the CMV roster step to the Japanese star or will Jaquan Shay look to hunt Tanaka down and get his vengeance?


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