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Tired and Injured...

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Tired and Injured...

Post by MLP on Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:47 pm

As MLP's match comes to end and MLP watched Elijah celebrate with the Alpha World Championship he put his' head down whipping the sweat and tears away. As he watches Elijah and Bob walk backstage he sits on the outside of the ring thinking "What If". He would finally get up from the floor, but when he stands up he notices a pain in his' right knee. MLP struggles to walk up the rap with every step the pain intensifies. Once MLP makes it up to the top of the stage he suddenly collapses. The crowd lets out a sudden gasp and goes dead silent. MLP is now on top of the stage holding his' right knee in pain. He would sit in pain for 3 minutes until the CMV medical staff gets to the stage and carries MLP on a stretcher to the back. Once in the back, he sits in pain in the medical room waiting for the Doctor to tell him how bad the injury is. The doctor walks in with a concerned look on his' face.

CMV Doctor

Well i'm sorry to back it to you but this is really bad. You got a torn MCL, ACL, and Lateral Meniscus.

MLP would down a face of confusion, anger, and sadness. He would take a deep breath be for asking...


How long will i be out?

The doctor would look at MLP with a scared face and tell him

CMV doctor

You will out for atleast 6 to 9 months

MLP would shake his' head, as the doctor leaves the room.

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