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Ragnarok Cometh Part IV: Unbound Demons

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Ragnarok Cometh Part IV: Unbound Demons

Post by Solaris Arc on Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:28 pm

Rey Furioso slowly slid out of the ring, still celebrating his victory against Wolf. He slowly made his way backstage. Wolf remained in the ring, slowly standing on his knees with a depressed look in his eyes. That depression soon changed to rage as Wolf began digging into the ring mat. The cloth of the mat refused to tear, but the skin on Wolf's fingertips was not as resilient. Blood began to stain the mat,
which was a horrifying scene to those in the audience. Wolf soon gave up trying to tear the mat, instead rubbing the crimson liquid against his face and mask. The lights cut off, flashing back on after ten seconds. Wolf was gone, leaving a blood trail that lead back stage.

The shot cut to Cass LaFave in her office, witnessing the decay of Wolf's sanity. She quickly got onto her phone, dialing a few numbers. The second a mumbled answer came onto the phone, Cass began to speak.

Cass LaFave: I need officers at the Qudos Bank Arena as soon as possible... Send your best men.

She slowly set the phone down, pulling out her tablet and searching through security cam feeds.
The camera angle cuts to a security cam in the Guerilla Position, where a few bookers were looking over the notes for the next match.

The curtain flew open as Wolf leaped out, spearing a booker in the room and running him into the wall. The man collapsed onto the floor, holding onto his stomach and groaning. The other two bookers looked over, one receiving a superkick to the jaw, which caused a tooth to go flying. The other booker tried cowering in the corner, but also received a kick to the face from Wolf. But the kick wasn't strong enough to hurt this man, so Wolf simply began to punch the man in the face, his blood splattering onto the man with each swing.

Three security guards came in, separating Wolf from the bookers, but even they couldn't stop him.
Wolf broke out of their hold, knocking two guards out with brutal left hooks. The last guard received a kick to the stomach, followed by a brutal DDT. Wolf breathed heavily, popping his neck before walking into the backroom hallway.

The camera changed to a view from a hidden cameraman, getting a shot of Wolf taking down anyone who he passed. Every sound guy, referee, and wrestler who met Wolf's gaze was met with a swift destruction. Wolf laughed maniacally as a security guard charged him. The guard, with a loud "THWACK" smacked Wolf across the face with a baton. Wolf completely shrugged it off, with blood pouring down his mouth. Chances are the baton whack had broken his jaw, but he didn't seem to care. He quickly tackled the guard, standing back up and stomping mudholes into the guard.

Every movement, every sound, and every attack Wolf dished out was something never seen. He wasn't himself now, Wolf was clearly not in any more control over his body. The very Fenrir that people doubted was finally fully unleashed. A psychopath was running wild in the back.

Wolf slowly turned to the locker room. He popped his neck and quickly kicked the door down. The locker was empty, save for one Jon Reed. Wolf glared at Reed and Reed glared back. Both men had been going through similar problems, so there was a clear common ground between them. However, a fight between the two wouldn't happen, as the tag team Chaos and Order would slowly walk in, both carrying 3DS's. The four men stared at each other.

Reynard Audrey: Hey, you guys here for the Pokemon Tournament that Winters set up?

Nemean Audrey: You guys must have been in a huge rush. No one causes this much destruction unless they're really interested in this tournament or....going..... on....... a............rampage.........

Reynard Audrey: Ah, bloody he-

The Audrey's were cut off as Wolf and Reed kicked the twins in their jaws. The men collapsed onto the ground in a heap. But only a few seconds after collapsing, Imaginary Friends would walk in.

Smiley Danielson: Why is a woman from Ferocity hosting a tournament at a Genesis Pay Per View?

Freddy Osbourne: Dude, you can't say that around here. People will think that's sexist.

Smiley Danielson: What are we even doing here? We haven't been here in mo-

The two friends looked down at Chaos and Order, then up at Wolf and Reed. They remained completely silent as they slowly began backing up, step by step. Wolf kept his glare before giving a fake lunge at the two. The team quickly ran off, only for Smiley to return and drag Chaos and Order out of harms way. Wolf ignored the events, glaring back at Reed before making his way out.

But as soon as he left the room, he was greeted by ten guns pointed at him.

Officer: New South Wales SPG. Put your bloody hands up! We won't hesitate to shoot you!

Five more armed officers came. Wolf's odds against 15 guns wasn't going to be good, but he didn't follow the orders. He just kept his glare. His eyes had a fearful glow to them, that made even Sydney's best fearful of him. He noticed this fear and took a step forward. The officers took two steps back.

Wolf smirked, continuing to force to SPG back by simply walking.

Wolf: What's wrong? You have guns... You have numbers... You have armor and the best training in all of Australia... So why are you so scared of a simple man?...... Oh.... Maybe it's because I'm not a man anymore... No... Josh Wolf doesn't have control anymore... All he is now is a faint voice in the back of his own head...

He slowly continued moving forward, but was quickly halted by a random taser hitting Wolf in the chest. The taser clicked, but Wolf showed no sign of collapse. He simply ripped the taser end off, grinning at the officers.

Wolf: Well, I guess I should go... Don't go easy on Wolf here...... After all, he did cause all this harm!

Soon after those words, Wolf collapsed onto his knees once again. He slowly began to cough up blood, catching his breath. But he didn't have much time, as the moment he looked up he was smacked down with the butt of a rifle.


At the end of the Pay Per View, Cass LaFave was back in the scene. Her hands rested on her desk as there was a knock on her door. She tried to speak up but the officers decided to walk right in anyway. The last two officers carried in a beaten and bloody Wolf, being dragged in by his knees.
They dropped him right in front of Cass, who looked down at Wolf with disappointment.

Cass LaFave: Josh... Remember what I told you a few months back... About these kinds of situations?

She slowly stood up, kneeling down in front of an ashamed and exhausted Wolf.

Cass LaFave: You have been such a massive disappointment to me.

She nodded at one of the Officers, who stood Wolf up only to whack him with the butt of his gun once more.

Cass LaFave: A disappointment to Tim.

Another Officer tased Wolf until his skin started to smoke. Wolf tried to hold back his screams, gritting his teeth.

Cass LaFave: To Elijah. To MLP. And to Vintage and Brit.....

The officers let him go, Wolf fell forward and landed with a cough of blood on Cass' shoe. She looked down, grabbing a napkin and wiping off the blood under Wolf's mouth.

Cass LaFave: And most importantly. Yourself.

She looked at the officers, motioning for them to leave the room. She shut the door, locking it.

Cass LaFave: I didn't want them to do this much harm to you... I'm sorry about that, but that's how it works in these places... But I am not going to take it anymore... Genesis is in chaos... Complete anarchy... Our brand is becoming rotten to it's very core... Just like Fusion. And you aren't helping the situation.

Wolf: What....do you expect....me to........ do?

Cass LaFave: ....Nothing Wolf..... You're suspended from all activity on Genesis. Your suspension will last for two months... Because I know you can learn quickly. When you return, I expect you to not get involved in situations like this anymore. Until then, I'm terminating your contract. I'll see you in two months.

She slowly unlocked the door, a few wrestlers coming in and helping Wolf back to his feet. Wolf quickly pulled away, slowly limping out of the door as the scene faded to black.


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