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How the Best Prepare

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How the Best Prepare

Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:20 pm

So I says to her I says, I says to her, "hey, why don't YOU put the seat down!"

He laughs loudly to himself, Xander rolling his eyes as if having a hard time believing Randy said that.

I have a hard time believing that you said that ...

As Borton tires to ensure Slate that it's true, Amber walks up behind him, shaking her head then breathing down The Milk Man's neck to alert him of her presence.

Go put the seat down, Borton.

Randy gulps.

Yes, ma'am ...

He speeds away to do as he's told, Amber taking a seat on the couch and just then Bob Luger and Rhys Matthews come walking through the door, in their arms are loads of lager, Matthews nearly dropping his load but luckily Xander hurries over to aid him.

What's all of that for?

You'll see soon enough.

Chris Adams, the most recent addition to The Kliq's ranks is the next to arrive, a lollipop in his mouth and beautiful, probably very expensive flowers in his right hand, a heart shaped box of chocolates in his left.

Amber, my sweet, I picked these up for you at the store, I saw them and well, they reminded me of your unfading beauty!

Briggs stands up and takes the flowers, enjoying a deep sniff, they smell great, you can tell by the look on her face. But she then rips them in half like strands of paper, tossing them over into the garbage with a three pointer!

Chris, for the last time, I AM MARRIED, stop doing that.

Adams sighs, looking over at Rhys with a small little smile forming at the corner of his lips.

You want 'em, buddy?

Matthews licks his chops, going to grab the delicious treats but Chris stops him before he can.

Ugh, a kiss first ...

Rhys shakes his head and walks away, Chris shrugging his shoulders and throwing them in the trash too.

Tonight is the big one guys, for all of us. Well except for you Amber, you get to just sit back and relax. But for us, good brothers, this is the true beginning of our takeover! Adams will beat that punk kid and show the world why he should be World champion again! Rhys you're gonna win that Rage in a Cage and become the Anarchy champ! Slate, Borton, you drive those ugly freaks through some tables and retain those belts! And me? I take out Elijah once and for all, I get my revenge on that fluke, MLP, and become a three-time Alpha World champion!!!

They all cheer, Borton walking out of the bathroom and looking around the room.

Did we win?

No, but we will, buddy, Quarantine, Exodus, they'll be OUR shows tonight, KLIQ will bring home the gold, and we'll continue our warpath to assuming full control over CMV!

Randy cheers loudly causing Slate to punch him in the arm, to which Amber slaps Xander on the back of the head, and Adams, seeing an opportunity, tries to kiss Briggs.

Chris, I swear!

She pushes him away and Rhys returns with his phone opened up to Twitter, he shows Bob the screen and The Work Ethic Titan laughs.

This Wolf kid, he doesn't understand that he's losing this war already ...

He's a psychopath.

No, he's just ... He's a kid, he only needs to be shown the light.

When I look at lights for too long my eyes hurt.

There's no room for sympathy here, Amber, you're either with us or against us, remember?

Bob nods his head, sitting down next to Briggs on the sofa.

Someone else has realized that fact, and I've been talking with them. Next week, we get a new member to the family.

I sure hope it's Jade Dynamite, she's super hot.

Who is it really?

You'll see, just be patient, let's focus on tonight, and we'll worry about that when we get to it.

Chris you better get going, man, Quarantine starts pretty soon.

They all wish him good luck with hugs and high-fives, ushering him out of the room and while everyone is distracted, Rhys grabs the chocolates out of the trash, taking one out and eating it slowly.

Tastes like victory ...

He too then exits through the door, the shot fading on the now empty hotel room ...

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1x CMV Tag Team champion


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Re: How the Best Prepare

Post by Solaris Arc on Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:39 pm

Borton is gold.


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