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A Look Inside the Head of Anthony Brown

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A Look Inside the Head of Anthony Brown

Post by Maurie on Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:23 pm

Outside of the UnMatched arena, wearing a custom made karate gi, Anthony Brown walks across the grass barefooted. His gi is covered in spray painted designs and symbols like ¨peace¨ and ¨courage¨ written over it. When he gets to the far side of the grass away from the building entrance, he breathes in the air as the cars speed passed him. He spreads his arms out and balances on one leg. Using the other leg, he presses the play button on the boom-box with his big toe, and the song plays.

Anthony is suddenly surrounded by dozens of men wielding swords and staffs. The run towards him, but he is too swift and fluid in motion to be even scratched. Flying kicks and roundhouses floor all of his enemies. He seals his quick and easy victory with a Dab of Appreciation. He looks up to see the lovely and beautiful Quinn-Belle. He levitates off the ground towards her as she puckers for a kiss. As he gets close he hears a loud bang go off. His head is throbbing as he sits upward to realize he’s been plunged to the ground with a powerbomb only to see that the damage isn’t finished when an elbow falls from the sky, crushing his sternum. As Anthony slowly regains consciousness, he takes a deep breath to see himself being dragged towards the center of the ring and pinned.

Anthony Brown

Phew, that was a close one. I almost got KO’d.


Anthony Brown
I’ll just kick out this time.


Anthony Brown
As simple as 1 ,2-


Anthony Brown

Archer Vaughn stands tall in his win over Anthony Brown. After a few minutes of escaping paralysis, Brown reaches back to his feet. With assistance from the ropes, he is able to climb out of the ring and retrieve his Cole Savage Exhibition Tournament Trophy from the timekeeper’s area. Anthony raises the trophy high over his head before showing off his godly basketball handles by pretending to dribble the trophy. When faking a free throw it slips out of his fist and makes a 360 rotation in the air as it shatters into millions of pieces on the floor outside of the ring. His eyes burst from his head as immediately…

Cole Savage drives down the ramp in his priceless cadillac and drives in the direction of Anthony Brown. Anthony flinches and closes his eyes. When he opens them…


Anthony Brown

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