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Ragnarok Cometh Part III: Learning from One's Failures

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Ragnarok Cometh Part III: Learning from One's Failures

Post by Solaris Arc on Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:31 pm

The Kliq stand in the ring victorious, but largely winded from the brutal Eight Man Tag Match they went through. Luger stumbled around, blood pouring from the cut that he received from Wolf. Jefe had already been dragged out of the ring, preventing the Kliq from causing another injury to the Resistance. However, it wouldn't matter much, as the Kliq all left the ring with little care.

Wolf looked up at them as they walked towards the stage. He quickly grabbed a mic from the bell station and slid back into the ring. He paced back and forth, still seeming eager for more blood, but there wasn't anything he could do as the Kliq left to the locker room one-by-one. However, Luger turned around, glaring up at Wolf with a bloodstained smirk. Wolf slowly tore off his mask, keeping a murderous grimace on his face. He raised his hand, lifting three fingers.

Wolf: Luger.... I've made you bleed three times now... You and I both know that's not a coincidence... I hate to admit this, but you have proven to be one of the best wrestlers in the world... But, not many people have made you bleed out like I have...

Wolf knelt down, keeping his hateful gaze on Luger's cocky smirk.

Wolf: The question is Luger... A Titan doesn't bleed.... What the people refer to you as... What you think you are... It's all a lie, Luger. You're no Titan... You're just a man... A man who makes mistakes.

Luger's smirk soon soured as he looked to the back. He didn't bother grabbing a mic and simply yelled out a few insults. Wolf didn't even notice what he said, no one knew because of the cheering crowd.

Wolf: Luger... One of these days, we're going to fight again. And I won't just make you bleed, Bob. I'll kill you. I'll kill Borton. I'll kill Xander... And the most satisfying one yet... I kill that little shit Rhys. Your days are numbered, Luger.

Luger shook his head, finally yelling out something that the cameras could make out.

"Don't count on it."

Luger slowly walked to the back, disappearing from view. Vintage and Andrews looked up at Wolf,
seemingly surprised that he could remain fired up after that battle and defeat. Wolf turned and looked over at them, pointing back at the stage.

Wolf: Go on out, you guys... You deserve a break from all of this. I've got a few more words to say.

Bacon picked up Jefe, slowly helping him up the ramp while Brit stared up at Wolf. Brit's brow was raised, but he chose not to speak, he followed Bacon out, helping carry Jefe to the back.

Wolf sat down at a turnbuckle, looking around at the cheering crowd. He slowly raised the microphone back up to his lips but refused to speak. He slowly glared at the hard camera, keeping this intense stare for well over a minute. But he finally spoke once more.

Wolf: Tonight was the first time I was able to tap back into Fenrir... I was able to force him out to fight... But, I don't know how long it'll be until he decides to take permanent control. I know this, however..... If I have to sacrifice myself to Fenrir, in order to tear Luger apart... Then I will take that risk in a heartbeat.... I want every single one of you out there to know this. Becuase this is probably the last time I'll ever speak to you as Josh Wolf. This isn't just a message to fans... But to my friends in the back... To Chris. To Elijah. To Tim, Jefe, Bacon, and even Cass LaFave herself. When he takes over... There isn't going to be a simple fix. It's not going to be some tiny little event. It's going to be an absolute massacre.

Wolf dropped the microphone and stepped off the turnbuckle, slowly making his way up to the ramp.

(Open to my boi 702)


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Re: Ragnarok Cometh Part III: Learning from One's Failures

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:16 pm

As Wolf had his moment, the PA System begins playing as Rey Furioso, the Japanese legend himself, walked down to the ring, whereas he’d come face to face with Wolf. The two stare down each other for about a minute, before EGF would pull from the contest, getting himself a mic on the outside of the ring

Dios mío, chico!! Do you ever...cállate? About this little myth of yours called Fenrir? Listen here and listen good, amigo. Fenrir is just a myth. An old-time myth that papas used to tell their kids about some mange dog eating people.

The crowd would boo on the mexican superstar, EGF posing for the crowd.

You want to play this little fantasy? Because, Hombre, I know that you aren’t Fenrir. You never were and never will. Old man Lafave’s got you corked up in the cabeza. And when you know it, you’ll be put in a house for the mentally ill and physically ill after I take your arm and break it like a chicken-wing.

The luchador begins clapping as Wolf stands in the ring, ready for a fight. EGF then walks around the ring, up the ramp and onto the stage

The choice is yours, amigo. I didn’t want this fight, but you gave me no choice.

He slowly dropped the mic on the stage, before walking to the back, leaving a battle-ready Wolf in the midst

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