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His Home is RJPW, Not CMV!

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His Home is RJPW, Not CMV!

Post by Master Ogon on Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:40 pm

Following the events of Masato Yume revealing himself as one of the RJPW talents that were going to CMV, many people were excited to see him bring his wrestling style and serious attitude to CMV. However, ever since Yume suddenly attacked Jack Dyalop and shoved the general manager of Fusion to the ground, most people were very confused. This once proud babyface suddenly revealed a very dark side of himself since arriving in CMV, which is why this promo is happening today. Yume promised that he would speak personally to the CMV universe so he can introduce himself to them. The camera reveals an office with an expensive looking rug and posters of other RJPW talents, such as Tiger Yamamoto, Matsuda, and Yume himself. There is currently no one on the screen, but we hear footsteps behind the camera that are getting louder, hinting at this person getting closer. Soon after some time passes, we see someone we weren't expecting.

The small Asian translator from last week walks into the view of the camera. He's still dressed formally, but this time he's wearing grey instead of black. There is a piece of paper in his hand with text on it, he fixes his glasses before looking down at the paper and speaking.

Yoshihiro Higashikata:

To all of Masato Yume's fans, he will not be wasting his time in this company. Yume is still not going to learn English, and he doesn't even plan on speaking to the audience at all. Yume will still attend his televised matches, but he will try not to do anything else. However, if he has any messages he needs to reveal, I will read them out for him. The rest of the letter is pretty much about him putting the rest of the roster on notice because he'll break all of their necks if they're in his way. But I have a question for the people that decided to hire Yume.

Yoshihiro puts the piece of paper on the desk behind him. He then grips his reading glasses and slips them into his glasses case behind him. His face turns toward the camera yet again, but this time with an annoyed look on it.

Yoshihiro Higashikata:

Are you stupid or something? Yume would never leave his homeland with a smile on his face!  All Yume is going to do is destroy every single person that he considers in his way, and he can't even speak English! You didn't even realize the issue that comes with having Tiger and Yume in the same company, Yume will try to end his career as soon as he sees him! Yume pretty much hates everyone here because he thinks they ruined his culture, and there's no way for them to try and calm him down cause they don't speak Japanese! Not a single person is safe, and it's because you wanted some new talent from RJPW. Yume's home is RJPW, not CMV!

Yoshihiro storms out of the camera's view, leaving not a single soul to continue talking. Everyone got the answers, but it's still hard to believe this once lovable RJPW star is nothing more than a monster in CMV.  The camera is shut off and the promo ends, leaving everyone scared of when Yume might go on a rampage next.
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