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Tailcoat Val

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Tailcoat Val

Post by Red Chocolate on Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:32 pm

We're here live during this, the fallout, of a spectacular, bar-raising, first- and certainly not last-ever Vixens-only pay per view extravaganza. The audience is pried away from what's already been a stellar Ferocity episode and brought to a pitch black room. Less than a second goes by before a pale spotlight Illuminates a figure whose silhouette is shrouded by clouds of smoke that idly float by.

The silhouette is posed standing with one leg crossed in front of the other, leaning on an umbrella with one hand and tipping a top hat down over her eyes. The silhouettes eye-catching curves are what give the gender away, the pale glow of the spotlight exposing the mischievous grin that curls her lips upward. She speaks, punctuating her syllables with just the perfect amount of vocal fry so that every word sounds sultry.

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to a sneak peak of the show that will change the way you look at wrestling for the rest of your lives. Allow me to introduce myself, your gal, Tailcoat Val, please be sure to enjoy your stay.

She slings the umbrella upward so that it's now over her shoulder, smoothly transitioning into a spin while she simultaneous removes her top hat and tosses it out of the frame as someone would a Frisbee. 360 degrees later Tailcoat Val is facing the camera again and a second, much brighter spotlight audibly snaps on. The jewelry and adornments on her coat sparkle and gleam underneath the flattering light.

Allow me to begin with a simple question that anyone is free to answer: have you ever had a dream? And I don't mean the kind that wakes you up in the middle of the night in terror, or the ones that make you smile but slips through your fingers as you try to hold onto it in the morning.

I'm talking about a persistent dream. The kind that drives you even when your eyes are wide open. I have one of those. For me it was to be the greatest wrestler ever. Lofty, I know. Some people dream of securing the American dream; white picket fence, loving partner and two perfect kids. Others dream of making it far enough to take over the family business and do the past proud.

But not me.

She raises a gloved finger and wags it side to side, channeling her inner Mutombo.

I want the spotlight; I need the attention. All eyes have to be on me, because I don't just plan to be on the show, I want to be the show. I've traveled all over the world, won titles in every company I step foot in and defeated opponents that pushed me to the very edge of my breaking. I survived, and I prospered and now I'm here to spread my seed across every inch of this company and watch as my legacy grows.

There's no need for any of y'all to be afraid. I'm not here to destroy or maim, that's not my style. Ruling by fear is the weak man's game. I have faith that we could all co-exist as I take my rightful spot as the only woman who stands in the spotlight.

She throws out her arms wide, soaking in the light, closing her eyes and imagining what it'll feel like when she's out there in front of thousands forcing her way to the top of the mountain.

As they say, every major act deserves a worthy warmup act.

After everything I've done to get here, I don't plan on taking a back seat to anybody. I'll be in all the main events, the commercials, the posters, the cereal boxes, anything that needs a star, I'll be right there to shine.

These women here have gotten complacent. It's sickening what happens when they rest on their laurels and throw away their morals. Check this out: horny men tell them they're pretty and they believe it. Losers who don't know an accordion rack from a torture rack tell them that they're the greatest wrestlers of all time.

So what's gonna happen to them when a woman who has it all, the looks, the talent and the charisma, shows up and pops their bubble? It won't be a pretty sight, that's for sure, but I'm thinking it's time that a bad bitch rolls up to show these clowns and jesters that they were only keeping my spot as the main attraction of Ferocity warm.

Val laughs and combs her fingers through her hair, oozing confidence and showing clear signs that she believes every word that she says.

And I don't promise instant results. Change won't come over night. Egos can't be crushed in one day. No, it'll take weeks of me proving time and time again that the women here don't hold a candle to me before it starts sinking in to theirs and everyone else heads that they were being gypped for all these years. They told that the best was already in Ferocity, they lied to you sweetie. It's not until next week when I make by debut, that you can see live and in color that the best had yet to come.

The passion is gone, so many of you just go through the motions and that's what happens when laziness seeps into the biology of someone who just wasn't that good to start with. Hate to break it to y'all, but it's true. You're about to see what real hunger, real determination looks like when Tailcoat Val bursts onto the scene. The problem is, what I'm doing right here, this isn't a warning. I'm not giving anyone in Ferocity a heads up, this isn't a challenge for you all to step up your game and try to keep up with me.

She chuckles again then takes a moment to adjust her coat, making sure everything's in place.

If you're watching this, it's already too late.

See ya soon, darlings.

She winks then blows a kiss toward the camera moments before she turns and walks away with a swagger, disappearing where the spotlight doesn't reach.

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Re: Tailcoat Val

Post by Miztacular on Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:05 am

Val comes off as a very interesting new addition to the roster. I'm enjoying her tone in this promo and I'm looking forward to more from you/her. Nice stuff Krzy.

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Re: Tailcoat Val

Post by C9 Suntan on Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:05 am

So far i already love her

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Re: Tailcoat Val

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