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戦争が始まる/The War Begins

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戦争が始まる/The War Begins

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:20 pm

As Thursday Night Genesis rolls on, Jaquan Shay is seen, wearing a Pennywise-like wig, with the distinctive colors of Matsuda Tanaka’s hair. He let’s out a small chuckle, before throwing the wig off his head and stomping out the wig. Shay composes himself, before cleaning himself off of fake hair and combing his hair.

Matsuda Tanaka, the Dragon Slayer. The Osaka Sensation. You’ve honestly caught my attention now, because before I was going to ramble on about you, I had something ready for a man by the name of Aleister Knox whereas he’s wearing MY championship around his small waist, but you’ve caught my attention now. You are so...predictable in a sense. Being as the day you came into CMV, I knew I had my fingers wrapped around that tiny Troll-doll head of yours. And I knew that you would be trapped in this game of Egos and put your championship on the line. A championship that doesn’t mean jack-sh*t here. A championship that’s history spans generations ago. I don’t know how well someone like me would fit on the RJPW Roster part-time, but if that means Gold, then by god, I’ll be defending that title against anyone, anywhere.

Jaquan Shay stops combing his hair, as he throws the comb on a table, with being on the table a bucket of ice holding a bottle of wine, and a cigar set. He’d smirk, showing off the fancy life to the Asian Superstar.

Tanaka, let me ask you something; Do you fear? Do you have the thought of me ending you on the spot in a foreign ring in front of MY people? Because you should. William Rage walked out because he knew of the real dangers he had stepping into that ring with me. And come Exodus, one man’s walking out as RJPW Television Champion. And it sure as hell isn’t gonna be some punk-ass Pennywise wanna-be, rubbing his feet on my rug!

It’s to a point now to where Jaquan is actually getting serious with what he’s saying. He clenches his fist, one being clenched so hard, blood starts dripping off of it. His eyes flare a distinct, animal-like, look to them. This Jaquan is always never brought out, but if Tanaka has monsters in his mind, so does Shay.

Watashi wa kono chīsana hineri ni ichidodake owara sete imasu. Soshite anata wa anata ga okashite iru fakku o dare ga shitte irudeshou.

Shay then grabs a cigar from the table, lighting it with a match. It takes 15-20 long quiet seconds for him to take in the cigar’s first smokes. He then sets the cigar down, before looking at the hard-camera, smirking.

Are you ready?

And the final shot being Jaquan Shay, sending out a warning message to the Dragon Slayer. But what will happen once Exodus arrives? Will a all-out war ensue on both men? Or will the 1st to strike be the last man standing?

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Re: 戦争が始まる/The War Begins

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:31 am

This is getting intense huh Twisted Evil


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