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"The Bloody Brit"

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"The Bloody Brit"

Post by "The Mad Oyster" Hardline on Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:46 pm

After Marcantels failed ambush on Chris Andrews, the Hellhound walks up on the stage with a mic in hand.

Ok I'll be honest Chris, I doubted you. I doubted your little Brit senses, and because of  that you made me look like a fool. Well Chris, you must know one thing, and that is that NO INE MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A FOOL, AND FOR THAT, well i always wondered why they called you the Bloody Brit.

Chris Andrews continues to stand in the middle of the ring with the International Title in his hands, looking confused, until he is immediately being covered in a red liquid pouring from the ceiling, soaking him and the International Title. Marcantel is seen smiling and chuckling as Andrews tries getting the red liquid out of his eyes.

So that's why I guess. Well, you could probably say that I just got my REVENGEAAAHHHH!!!!! Jokes aside though Chris, at Exodus, there will be more blood spilt in our match than tonight.

Marcantel then leaves backstage, while the camera cuts on a blood soaked Chris Andrews in the middle of the ring.

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