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past his use by date

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past his use by date

Post by Dr.Diamond03 on Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:02 pm

*As Rob Cross and Jack Dyalop are walking down the ramp following their tag team victory over The Ballers Club on Fusion the camera turns to Chris Diamond sitting in the ring looking disappointed as Columbus stands over him looking equally disappointed in their loss. Suddenly Chris gets to his feet and goes over to the corner of the ring asking for a mic, he turns to Columbus mic in hand*

Chris Diamond:
I'm sick of this Columbus, two weeks straight you've cost me a match. I can't go on like this you're dragging me down

*Chris drops the mic and walks towards the ropes with his title over his shoulder, he starts to get out of the ring before Columbus taps Chris on shoulder obviously looking to make amends with him, Chris turns around only to blast Columbus in the face with the Rising Star Title, he drops the title and starts to rapidly kick Columbus' chest using the ropes to aid the effort. A few seconds go by of Chris Diamond's attack on Columbus when Dyalop and Cross slide into the ring chairs in hand, Chris backs up into a corner quickly grabbing his title in the process, 10 seconds go by of Cross and Dyalop staring at Chris, at this point Columbus is getting back to his feet but before he can get to his feet he gets hit in the back by a steel chair being wielded by one of his "saviours" and as Columbus falls to the mat both Cross and Dyalop wail away at Columbus' back with the steel chairs, Chris picks up his mic and begins to talk as the assault continues*

Chris Diamond:
YOU SEE COLUMBUS I KNEW THAT YOU WEREN'T WORTHY OF TEAMING WITH ME THE FIRST TIME YOU LOST, SO YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE BALLERS CLUB, SAY HELLO TO YOUR REPLACEMENTS ROB CROSS AND JACK DYALOP!! *the crowd pop which then quickly turns to boos at the sight of Diamond savagely betraying his so called "brother" but they are cut off by Chris and by the sound of the chair shots still going on in the background* THAT'S WHY I TAPPED......BECAUSE I KNEW THAT THESE TWO WOULD ACTUALLY GIVE ME A CHALLENGE AND I WANTED YOU NOWHERE NEAR MY TITLE, YOU DON'T DESERVE THE HONOUR OF HOLDING IT!! come Sunday at Exodus it will be a friendly triple threat because whatever the outcome The Ballers Club will still have the Rising Star Title. *Chris squats over Columus as he signals the two with chairs to drop their weapons, they do just that dropping the chairs and staring at Columbus' prone body* I should probably warn you as well it ain't just us 3 in Ballers Club, another guy is in he has yet to debut in CMV but you know him very well in WGW because that man is..... CHASE HENDERSON!! *the fans cheer but they quickly realise they are cheering Chris Diamond so they suddenly stop* get him up boys *Cross and Dyalop pick up Columbus both holding an arm so that Columbus is on his knees, Chris picks up 1 of the chairs used in the assault he slowly and methodically walks over to Columbus, he lifts the chair in the air before blasting Columbus in the face as Columbus once again falls to the mat Chris then walks over to his Rising Star title before slowly lifting up Columbus' face showcasing his bloody face to the camera before laughing at the damage done, he then signals for Cross and Dyalop to pick up Columbus again, Chris takes a look at his title he then blasts Columbus with it falling to his knees himself, all of Ballers Club except Chase Henderson stand over Columbus, Chris rolls Columbus over and puts a foot on Columbus as he holds his title in the air, he then rubs the blood on Columbus' face on his own chest and on his title before leaving the ring along with the new members of Ballers Club. As they all walk down the ramp their theme song can be heard in the background*

Chris Diamond:
1x Undisputed Champion
1x Mr. MITB
1x Fusion Tag Champ with Rob Cross (Last Ever)
1x Rising Star Champion
Winner of the 3rd annual tag team cup alongside Rob Cross

Rico Lopez:
Best Dancer On NGW

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