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Overcome By The Odds

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Overcome By The Odds

Post by PREDICTION KING on Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:33 pm

Moments before Genesis goes live we see Timmy Boy The Timmster stepping out of his Yukon and walking around to the trunk to get his bags. He gets a sudden message on his phone from Randy Borton that reads "Turn around".  Tim has no doubt that something is about to happen. He hesitates to turn around as he hears foot steps behind him. Rhys Matthews, Randy Borton, Bob Luger, and Xander Slate all stand behind him, with devious smiles on their faces. Tim however isn't prepared to go down with out a fight.

Bob Luger
Turn around Tim, we're doing this, right here......right now.

Tim sighs knowing how things are going to end up.

Randy Borton

Did you get my text?

Xander Slate
Yes he got your text.

Bob Luger
Turn around!

Tim takes a deep breath and quickly pulls out a lead pipe from his trunk and turns around as Kliq moves in. He cracks the pipe over the stomach of Rhys Matthews. Randy is the next to feel the cold hard steel smacking against his arm. However, the numbers game prevails fast as Xander and Bob take Tim down and begin to stomp away as Rhys and Borton recover and join them.

Bob Luger

Bob then drops to the floor with Tim and begin unloading with fierce right hands as the others back off.

Xander Slate
Get em boii!

All of Kliq are cheering him on as Bob then holds up Tim's now bloodied face.

Bob Luger
You're done Tim! Done!

Tim spits in his face.

Rhys Matthews

Rhys kicks him in the side, but Bob holds his hand out. With a smile on his face.

Rhys Matthews
Sorry, I hate spitters.

Bob stands up, taking a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiping the spit from his face. He then looks at Borton.

Bob Luger
Do it.

Randy smiles and walks off camera before returning with a steel chair.

Randy Borton
I love this part.

Xander holds Tim down as Borton slips the chair onto his arm. And then,despite Tim struggling to free himself, Borton stomps down onto the chair, snapping LaFave's arm in two!

Tim LaFave

Tim squirms on the floor, blood still gushing from his face and his arm broken as Kliq all walk off, leaving him to be found by somebody else.


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