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Told you this Cage Wouldn't Protect you

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Told you this Cage Wouldn't Protect you

Post by HellishxHades on Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:49 am

As Aliester Knox walks backstage, Jon Reed jumps the barricade and begins to climb the cage. Dave Turner is still laying in the middle of the ring. As Jon reaches the top, Cass LaFave comes out onto the stage with a microphone in hand.

Cass LaFave:
Jon... Jon... What ever you are planning on doing I must insist that you don't. That Cage is there to keep you away from Turner. Climb back down before I have security take you down.

Jon with that devilish smirk on his face that is uncomfortable normal by now, reaches into his pocket and grabs a microphone. Dave Turner still laying in the middle of the ring.

Jon Reed:
Cass... Cass... I don't care.

As he tosses the mic to the floor, and he lines up with Turner from the top of the cage. Cass franticly tries to convince Jon Not to Jump.

Cass LaFave:
Jon... Don't you dare jump. Leave the arena now, before I have security drag you out. This is your last warning.

As she finished her sentence, Jon smiles at her. Before he does the motion of slitting his own throat. He then precedece to jump and does preforms a swanton bomb from the top of the cage down onto the motionless Dave Turner. Who once hit with the swanton, sits up gasping for air. Jon rolls to the door closing it and locking the cage. Cass signals for security to come and get Jon. But his devilish smirk tells it all. They couldn't get in. Jon turn to look at Dave Turner and he starts to chuckle as he begins to walk over to him.

Cass LaFave:
Jon Stop! Get him out of there!

As Jon stands over Dave Turner, he begins to kick him in the stomach, before picking him up and throughing him into the side of the cage. Dave falls to the mat. Jon gets on top of him and begins to elbow him in the forehead. He continues to hit him over and over til Dave starts bleeding. One of the Security Guard was able to climb over the cage and get into the ring. Jon smiles as he stands up and delivers a Superkick to the security guard. He turns his attention back to Dave. He picks him up, and lifts him on to his shoulders. He turns to stare Cass in the Face,
as he delivers the Fall to Dave Turner.

As Cass yells at the security to get into the cage to get help Dave, Jon lifts Dave back onto his shoulders and delivers another fall. He looks into Cass eyes and his smirk gets bigger as if he just got an idea. He lifts Dave on his shoulders once again and looks at Cass. And he delivers a Coney Island Cyclone, her son's Tim LaFave very own move to Dave Turner. He shakes his head as saying he ain't done. He gets back on top of Dave and delivers more elbows to Dave Cut on his head.

Cass LaFave:
Tech Guy, lift the cage. Lift it.

As the cage begins to raise, Jon rolls off Dave Turner, kneeling beside him, hands behind his head, smirking as he never takes off of Cass LaFave. Security grab Jon and pull him up out of the ring towards the back. As they pass Cass LaFave he blows her a kiss. And she has a look of disgusted on her face.

Cass LaFave:
I need a Doctor down here.

As Jon is dragged up the ramp, he simply has that devilish smirk staring at the Camera in front of him. Then the pull him backstage.

(I guess open to Dashing)


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Re: Told you this Cage Wouldn't Protect you

Post by Mr. Dashing on Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:03 am

One week later on Genesis #105, two days before Exodus ...

I don't know what's gotten into the kid, Cass, but he needs help ...

And you're the one to help him? By getting into the ring with him, half dead, and what? Hoping that you drop him on his head so hard he snaps back to reality???

Dave holds his left hand across his ribs, showing signs of the damage that Jon Reed inflicted on him on last week's show.

I understand your hesitation, but I've endured worse and kept on fighting ... I didn't return to active competition only to be put on the shelf here, Cass, I've been given two title opportunities in three weeks and I've failed both of those times to get the win ... And now Jon- or this other side of him, now it's coming after ME, looking to make an example out of me, but I won't let that happen. I'm going to help him by beating that voice in his head back to where it came from, but I need your help to do that. Sign the match for Exodus ... Please ...

LaFave sighs, then gently nodding her head up and down, putting her hands together as she looks up at Dave.

Okay, I'll give you your match against Reed, it's official for this Sunday ... But only under one condition ...

Dave raises his eyebrows, putting his hands on his hips while waiting to hear LaFave's stipulation ...

Jon ... Or whomever he is right now ... Dave, he's unstable, he's not right in the head .... He's a danger to himself and even more so to anyone in his general vicinity. So I'm going to put some support out there to watch over you guys ... It'll be a lumberjack match, just a few superstars ringside to make sure that the action stays between you two, IN the ring ... Deal?

Dave blows air out of his nose, but then extends his hand begrudgingly, to which Cass accepts and the bout is set.

Thank you Cassandra ...

She nods before smiling up at the CMV Hall of Famer, who returns the gesture with a small smirk and wave goobye, exiting the office as the scene fades to black ...

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