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"Steel isn't immune to a stick of Dynamite"

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"Steel isn't immune to a stick of Dynamite"

Post by Miztacular on Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:43 pm

CMVWrestling.Com Exclusive!

While all the commotion in the ring between Debra Cox and the Ferocity General Manager Laura Sampson is going on, Samantha Steel enters the backstage area following her loss to Debra Cox with a scowl on her face and some frustration to be let out. She makes her way down the corridor with her fists clenched looking for a way to let her anger out. Steel walks into a nearby bathroom and heads towards the sink where she splashes water in her face. Obviously not handling her loss well. Steel looks into the mirror with a look of frustration on her face. She closes her eyes, letting out some deep breaths in an attempt to calm down. Proving unsuccessful however because shortly after, Steel steps back from the sink and lets out a roar of frustration, echoing around the bathroom. Steel immediately lunges forward striking the mirror above the sink with a fist causing it to shatter. Glass falling all around her as she leans on the sink, her fist still planted into the mirror as she exhales deeply. She shakes her head briefly before looking up, feeling another presence in the bathroom, Steel slowly turns around looking towards the doorway to see none other than her arch nemesis, Jade Dynamite standing there. She walks into the room and the two begin pacing in circles, refusing to let their eyes off of each other.

Samantha Steel:
What do you want?!

Jade Dynamite:
You know exactly what I want..

Both of them continue to circle, but as they do, Steel, despite having a match no longer than 10 minutes ago, clenches her fists, not afraid to back down from confrontation. She readies herself for the opportune moment, looking to keep Dynamite thinking so she can sneak in the first punch.

Samantha Steel:
I didn't do that to you... It was Skarzemis! You know I would love to hand you another loss, I'd love nothing more!

The two stop, near enough face to face, glaring into each others eyes.

Jade Dynamite:
How can I believe you didn't have a part to play in that.

Samantha Steel:
I'll gladly hand you a beating right now!

Steel quickly level changes without giving Dynamite much time to react and throws an overhand right, catching Dynamite right on the chin causing Dynamite to tumble backwards falling flat on her bum against the wall, momentarily stunned. Steel, looking to capitalise on the opportunity marches forward, fist cocked ready to deal another devastating blow. However before she can follow up she drops to one knee, clutching her stomach, still feeling the effects of the match prior. Steel staggers back to her feet the same time as Dynamite who's finally been able to shake off the cobwebs and recover from that punch. Steel turns to Dynamite and throws a wild hay maker which Dynamite is able to duck easily, following up by grabbing Steel and pushing her up to the wall.

Jade Dynamite:
Hey, are you gonna calm down now and let me talk!?

Jade see's Steel wincing in pain and lets go, allowing her to fall to floor clutching her midsection. She looks up at Dynamite with a tinge of agony and anger in her eyes. Jade however stands there shaking her head as she presses on.

Jade Dynamite:
I didn't come here to fight you. I'm not like you, not anymore. I tried to offer you the olive branch at the top of the season and you turned it down, you have had your lackey on my back ever since. If it was anyone else in my position, your ribs wouldn't be the only thing hurting right now. I'm here Steel. To give you a chance, an opportunity to get that win you desire. I mean you said it yourself not 5 minutes ago right? That you'd love to hand me another loss. Well the feeling is mutual. I came here tonight to challenge you to a match Steel, because I know deep down inside that you can't beat me, not without an injury. Last time it was myself with the broken rib and you took advantage of it and pinned me. Now it looks like the roles have reversed and you sit here in the same position. However I'm not going to stoop to your level Samantha. I'm going to give you a fair shot. So consider yourself lucky because if you were in this position this time last year I'd be kicking your head in right now.

Jade Dynamite crouches down, once again face to face with Samantha Steel as she continues on.

Jade Dynamite
But that isn't who I am anymore. But because of you, and your little sidekick Skarzemis, people still refuse to believe I've changed. They think I bailed on Jenny Wheeler even though quite clearly it was Skarzemis' doing. But just because I've learned, because I've changed my ideology. Don't get it twisted, if you EVER pull that kind of crap again, try to ruin my good name I will not hesitate to put you in the ground. You might have steel in your knuckles, but steel isn't immune to a stick of Dynamite. Just like everybody else, when you step in that ring with me, no funny business. You and your hopes and dreams will implode in front of your very eyes. It's been a long time coming Steel and boy am I looking forward to dismantling you. Just not now.

Not today.

Dynamite gets back up to her feet as she looks to leave the bathroom and leave the scene, but before she does, she turns back to Steel for one final message.

Jade Dynamite:
Be wary Steel, the countdown has begun to tick and when it gets to zero this timebomb that is your legacy will explode, and you'll wake up looking at the ceiling blinded by the bright lights as I stand tall. Like I always do.

Dynamite looks away and goes to leave the bathroom, however she's forced to stop and listen, as Steel calls out to her from the floor.

Samantha Steel:
When I get my hands on you. I'm gonna crack your jaw so hard you won't be able to spell your own name.

Dynamite lets out a sigh before leaving the bathroom, shutting the door behind her, leaving Steel to drag herself up to her feet, wincing in pain as she holds her stomach. As she begins to edge forward towards the camera, the scene begins to fade to black.

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Re: "Steel isn't immune to a stick of Dynamite"

Post by DynamicWrestler on Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:35 am

Another good promo, 20/10.


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