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Off with their heads

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Off with their heads

Post by Decided Villain on Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:33 am

CMV Presents: UnMatched Ep. 62 (#298) (CMV EXCLUSIVE)

Syndicate are seen sitting in a room to their selves. Douglas on his phone, while Chet is sitting on a bench. Aaron is pacing, looking like he's about to loose it. Lisa Evans walks in and heads straight to Chet who doesn't give her any attention at all.

Lisa Evans : Chet could I get a word on your loss to Mexitan tonight due to the interference from The Kingdom?

Chet begins to take off his knee pads, ignoring her. Aaron walks over to her and snatches the mic. He stares at Chet for some kind of approval but gets nothing.

Aaron Waite : Alright, you don't want to talk about what happened out there, that's fine. I will. Breaking news, kids. It's my turn to finally speak... To put it plain and simple Lisa, we were robbed. I was robbed. I took the fall and I will take full responsibility for that. BUT DAMMIT, Who the f... Who the hell do The Kingdom think they are huh? You putrid little shits want to mess with the Syndicate? Nahhhhh man it doesn't work that way... Sooner or later their fantasy world will come to an end, we will make sure the last thing those idiots hear is “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”. Greatness is still at its Greatest. You'll see that when I see THEM next...

Aaron lowers the mic and sees Douglas on his phone. He walks over to him and hits the phone out of his hand, yelling at him. "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!?" Chet then stands up and separates the two before beginning to speak.
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Re: Off with their heads

Post by Childish Meltzer on Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:41 am

Chet Taylor
A loss isn’t the end!

Chet looks sullen, for a moment, he spoke with a purpose, like he was trying to get through this part quickly. The look on his face wasn’t pleasant,

Chet Taylor
I’ve lost before and we’ve all had things go wrong for us, it happens. Events play out that we have no control over, no way of ever being able to stop. They pop up at the worst possible times, catching us with our proverbial pants around our ankles. I can say that I’ve had this happen to me, many many times before. Hell, I’m sure that it will continue to happen no matter what I do, but this..this is different. I thought about it, and I had this all figured out before it even could happen. I already have them figured out, Aaron. I knew how everything would be played out, What happened out there was a natural thing,... George King felt the need to speak out against us! He felt the urgency to tell the whole world just how scared he really was of us....  

A brief pause as Chet snickers to himself, imagining the situation Kingdom has placed themselves in. He doesn’t dwell on the thought for too long, as he continues to speak.

Chet Taylor
Anybody who has been watching over these last few months know exactly the kind of people King and his men really are. This is a  man who talks tough, who puffs his chest out to show everyone that he means business. A man who will try to obtain his goal, no matter the cost or the expense of whomever. Because they are men who likes to pretend. They like to think they belong at the top in this company,  Hell, they have a resume and a past that they can’t seem to recreate. The mere knowledge that they might be sophomoric in this business really set them off. I can attest to that, we all have hard times, we all have moments that seem to drag us with no end in sight. I’ve been living it for a while now. I have my moments of doubt, I have my moments of just wanting it to end. I can’t allow that, not now, not when I’ve come this far and this close to getting what I’ve wanted.

A heavy sigh.before another pause. Chet looks into the camera, as he’s wrapping up. The time gives room for the words to sink in for hopefully everyone not just Kingdom is paying attention to every single word he’s speaking right now.

Chet Taylor
I’m not upset, I did think it was kind of out of nowhere to be honest. I never really had a problem with Georgie, or his "kingdom", but I can understand why he or anyone for that matter really would feel so sour towards us. We’re just two sets of people crossing paths. The same vision, the same aspirations to do good for ourselves in this world. There’s enough out there for all of us, you just have to reach out and get it. I’m grabbing mine, we're taking it all and never letting go. You’re just the martyrs for that cause. But don’t let it get you down, cause there will be plenty more to fall after we're finished with you.


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